PMC Job 5: "Feel the Power"

Feel the Power: The UN has sent in a team of Engineers to deal with the damaged infrastructure. One of their stops is the old power plant north of Kavala. The plant was decommissioned when the Solar-plants and wind-farms were established, but now Kavala and much of the area are cut off from sustained access to power. As the AAF prepares to begin operations to retake Syrta and push their defensive line north, they need CNS to provide security for the engineers.

Mission Stages:
1: Gear up and move to the Factory.
2: The team will arrive in the afternoon and begin their security through the night.
3: Team commanders will place their forces and go over a plan of action should they be engaged.
4: The Teams will provide security through the night.
5: When morning comes the teams will change shifts.
6: Repeat until the Engineers are ready to move.

This will be the ‘season finale’ for the PMC missions. After this, we will be taking a break for a few weeks or so to allow for some of the other Mini-ops campaigns to be ran in its place.