PMC Job 3: "Diplomatic Relations"

[i]International News Network Special Report: Altis

Jason Davids Reporting.

Altis; An island in conflict. We reported a few weeks ago about the civil war in the northern part of the Island and the attacks that caused the US/NATO forces to withdraw. Now further troubles stir on the tiny nation as West Apluian officials are accusing the Altian Government of assassinating one of their visiting officers.

"Group Colonel Vetrovich was assigned to reach out and speak with the Northern Militia," the translator’s voice over says overlapping the official’s words, "For many months now these beleaguered peoples have been reaching out to us. They claim that the current Altian Government has committed crimes against their people. We have a responsibility to ensure that such things are looked into, especially since their cries have fallen on deaf ears in the western world."

The officials went on to say that such acts of aggression would not be tolerated though no declaration of what further actions would be taken was discussed at the conference.

The Altian Government replied to the claims in a brief press document an hour ago stating: "All Altian Armed Forces personnel were accounted for and the majority of the fighting forces were engaged in an operation to retake several villages along the hostile zone…These operations are in direct response to continued hostility and ongoing attacks along the north and will not stop until the NMF cease their aggression…Assassination is not in the purview of the AAF. This matter will be investigated to the fullest of our abilities, assuming NMF collaboration. Further conflict, especially conflict outside of Altis, is not something this government wishes to spark."

NMF representatives have not made a comment on the subject, though a youtube video supposedly shot from an NMF fighter’s cellphone showed them recovering two bodies. According to the video’s description, these two men were killed shortly after assassinating the visiting Apluian Colonel. The video has since been removed.

The Altian Government is reaching out to diplomats in the region to hopefully calm the tension and try and gain some support following the US withdrawal. According to sources within the administration, a gathering is planned for the coming weeks.

Other reports from the Kavala area of Altis state that the constant battles between the NMF and AAF have caused heavy damage to much of the infrastructure in the area. The Altian government has appealed to the UN for humanitarian relief funding. A representative from the UN stated that "When we are able to meet and decide, we should be able to send in a team of engineers to aid in that situation. With the conflict on the mainland [acrosia and aplua], our resources for relief in that region are taxed, but no people should go without necessities."

For INN, this is Jason Davids, Altis.[/i]

Mission Details:

Diplomatic Relations: The Altian Government are requesting security for a diplomatic meeting at one of the resorts to the east of the central part of the Island. One CNS team will set up a checkpoint for incoming civilians and vehicles and ensure that they are valid for entry and also patrol the perimeter grounds. The second team will provide close-detail security inside the resort.

Mission Stages:
1: Team arrives and establishes checkpoint.
2: Perimeter team begins their initial patrols.
3: Interior team moves in an scouts the hotel and city to look for areas of focus.
4: Diplomats arrive.
5: CNS provides security until the event is completed.

Uniforms note: The Perimeter team can wear what they normally would. The interior team will need to ‘dress nicely’ and only carry SMGs (the side arm MP5s). Interior team will be allowed bullet proof vests, but not any kind of tactical vests. Gear/supply boxes may be ‘stashed’ in the employee area of the hotel so long as it is kept safe and out of view of the staff or guests.

NOTE: Bring a lot of cable-ties. In the context of RP you won’t be taking anyone prisoner, but you may need to ‘capture’ some of the civilians in the hotel to escort them where you want them.

Checkpoint detail Note: You’ll have to actually stop the incoming cars and check them for IDs. The IDs in the case of this RP will be the car-key items since they were the only things I could actually put in the Diplomat’s suits to be able to show who is legit and who is not.

Reinsertion Note: There will be a CNS ‘base checkpoint’ a small ways away where reinserts will be coming from.


Diplomatic relationa sounds good, especially the perimeter team.

I agree with Chris Diplomatic relations sounds awesome. I so wanna kill bad guys wearing a suit!

THANKS Obi!! you’re awesome!

By dress nicely do you mean suits or just like a shirt and tie? Are suits reserved for diplomats?

Well, I’m not sure if you can actually get suits in the game with our modpack, but there are some nice clothes one can wear. Something like the marshal attire.

We can wear suits with ties think its from TRYK Mod

If you want to, and you can, go for it.

The TRYK Suit is not a option because you cannot fit any ammo in it,
we would need some discreet vests

[quote user_id=“11628947” avatar=“” name=“Eistee”]The TRYK Suit is not a option because you cannot fit any ammo in it,
we would need some discreet vests[/quote]
Yeah, I would say no to the suits…but thanks for alerting me to them, I have now put my diplomat NPC loadouts in suits just for the effect…not that they’ll be running around since it’ll be me…it’ll be more for the check point guy’s immersion when they stop and ‘check their IDs’.

Would that meet your dresscode?


[quote user_id=“11628947” avatar=“” name=“Eistee”]Would that meet your dresscode?


Holy shit your fast

Will there be any cooperation between Altis Police/Armed Forces and Carpe Noctem Solutions? Or will the security of the conference be entirely up to CNS Forces?

I got a little bored and decided to go into the editor and take some concept art style photos of the mission. Let me know, is this sorta what you had in mind with this mission or am I missing the point :stuck_out_tongue: I attached some screens below.

Nicely done! You’re better at placing things inside the hotel than I am because holy crap those tables wanted to just fly away on me so I was like "Never mind" and just left it pretty bare.

To answer your question, The Altis Police force isn’t that potent and relies on the AAF which is heavily engaged in the North ‘holding the line’ with the NMF. There will be a small AAF sentry there, but nothing of value. Security is CNS’s job for this event.

Where did you find that bar gate for the checkpoint? I looked friggin everywhere and couldn’t find it.

EDIT: I finally found it!

Haha, the bar gate is in "fences" It makes no sense at all lol. And thanks for answer to my question.

He is creepier than Anders, I swear.