Planning: Coop: No Motivation

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I’ve designated some sectors and marked several potential enemy strongpoint on the map

I think we should go for Zulu first then zone 2 to the NE then make proced to make away to zone 5 or 3, and go from there.

I concur that objective Zulu is probably the best initial target to strike. Before we engage I recommend we scout out sector 2 from OWP1, if it is clear we know that the overwatch team won’t be flanked. If it is occupied I think we should have an air asset strike sector 2 heavily simultaneously while we assault objective Zulu with ground forces.

From there we can move South into sectors 3, 4, 6 and 5 calling in air support as we need it. Depending on the situation we can move up the OW-team to hill 37 to provide flank security and supporting fire towards the surrounding sectors.

If we have the numbers for an armoured asset I think having it at a different angle around hill 115 could be beneficial to give additional support for the infantry.

I’ve been checking stuff out and would recommend very good scouting first, we don’t know anything and the way into elektro from Zulu seems like a deathtrap when properly defended. We should scout very well and not go in head first without knowing what is going on.

For reference, I’ve been using the jet all morning and it wouldn’t be extremely useful as a scouting element but very useful for good CAS

Can the BM-21 launch smoke? putting a smokescreen down might give time for a BMP/MT-LB to drive in from the north and drop troops at zulu. Agree that we’d need to get a recce team at the OP first and identify AT/AA for cas/arty (not sure the arty is accurate enough given civvy presence though)

[user avatar=“” name=“Churizo”]3749902[/user] I agree that the jet would be very good for CAS but I am a bit concerned with its accuracy when it comes to the civilian presence in town. Maybe the attack helo would be better for both scouting and precise strikes but we can also swap them out during the mission. For example have initial helo support, then RTB, helo pilot takes the jet for a single bombing run (gunner at base rearms the helo), rtb meets up back with helo gunner and returns to the AO with the helo.

In the end, a lot of the assets and their distribution will be determined by the number of players participating.

And we definitely have to do a lot of scouting before firing the first shots just to ensure we don’t walk into a shit storm in CQB.