Planetary Annihilation: TITANS

So there’s been alot of bad and good said about Planetary Annihilation and its devs.

Concept is cool, execution was so-so, money rip-off was great.
Game doesn’t compare in complexity to Supreme Commander series, but is very fun even with its simplicity.

TITANS expansion/update added quite a bit in terms of content while retaining all vanilla assets. It gained much better reviews compared to the initial PA. It also has mod support.


I know that Teddy, Xerses, Lastmikoi, John, Bananapeel, Seneram have this.
I still have 2 copies to giveaway, so if any of you want to join us smashing some planets together let me know.

If there are more candidates we’ll do raffle.

I might buy it since it only costs 5€ at the moment :slight_smile: Might be great fun if we all play together, even if my heart still belongs to supcom !

Edit: Actually bought it :slight_smile:

already got it … really like it and i know eistee got it to …

totally up for some :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t mind a copy. I really enjoyed Total Annihalation and Supreme Commander.

Copies sent out :slight_smile: Goat & Senpai R.

So when are we organizing a proper game?

Tonight? :slight_smile:

So: firstly thanks Abuk.
Secondly: I forgot how much I sucked at these games.

I was considering buying it but I just can’t forget how I got fucked in the ass by devs when they did TITANS. This… expansion? game? is pretty much Planetary Annihilation but with content kickstarter backers(I also bought the game in beta) always wanted in the game. IMO they did TITANS because they were hungry for money, had bad reviews on steam. No denying I really enjoyed Total Annihilation but I still haven’t recover from the rape they did on me when they killed PA and introduced TITANS… Maybe one day my ass will tighten again ;(

Good game, terrible developer decisions.
I won’t trust any of Uber future products EA/Kickstarters etc.
But game is still fun anyways.

I only played 2 hours of the vanilla game before giving up, but the game is fun when we play together. It is somewhat innovative but it really lacks complexity, variety and features. Also the HUD is a pain (to me at least, along with the camera angles you have to get used to).
PA is fun but I won’t play it alone, Supcom is infinitely superior. Anyway I would be happy if you joined us on either game :smiley:

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