Performance, DLC, and The Future of Arma 3

Dslyecxi gives his view on where the game is at and where it’s going.

Interesting point of view.

Great vid, thanks for sharing the link with us Ozzie!

What’s amazing is that he recorded all of the narration on the first try, in one take. This man is a legend.

I’ll still keep bugging Dwarden on IRC, I think he grew to like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dslyecxi makes some very good points when talking about performance. It made me think of a lot of details I haven’t payed attention to in context of community. I think there might be some changes in the plans for the direction of this communities’ development.

P.S. just how mad he got while making this video… priceless…

Oooh, I think I know what’s going on and I think I’m going to like it.

Anyone got experience with Blender/Oxygen? Would love to know the polygon count difference between vanilla and stuff like RHS.

I was crying with laughter through the action menu rant.

He only had to re-record the intro after forgetting some things on the "initial pass". I can’t even form a cohesive sentence in everyday speech!

I believe that the way of speaking comes with years of experiance and tons of recordings. It becomes a part of you, but still is impressive. He is a living legend, but lets not emotionaly masturbate to his picture, since improvement comes from within :slight_smile: