Payday 2

For those that haven’t played it, Payday 2 is on 75% off this weekend and free to play over it. It’s a game that’s well worth the time getting into it, and I’m most always up to play and teach people mechanics, etc.

For those that don’t know: it’s a 4-player co-op heist game, ranging from simple jewellery stores, to banks, to casinos. Most missions can be stealthed or done loud (depending on your taste).

If you feel like playing, hit me up on Steam, my user name is NotSoAngryGoat. If you do add me, PM me so I know who you are.

I can only recommend playing Payday 2 with [user avatar=“” name=“Goat”]1583435[/user] and [user avatar=“” name=“Robihunn”]6512198[/user] . They know their way around very well and they have been of an extreme patience with my übernoobish level during my first MP heists.

Might be fun to join in as well. Should have internetz back on Tuesday. Even though i’ve got a move on my hands, i’ll definetly get the time for CNTO again.

Only have the base game though, no expansions as far as i know.

I have a job to steal some jewelry.
I go in, pull my pistol on a security guards forehead,
he’s paid 7d/h but he thinks its enough to risk his life against 4 rifle-armed robbers.
I start sacking the place and can’t seem to fit four watches in my gym-bag.

police shows up in 5-10 seconds and I start emptying magazines in crying civs for every cop that comes in, apparently I have to hire expensive cleaners to mop their blood afterwards?

I realize police doesn’t negotiate with baddies when they start sending wave after wave after wave of platoons of fearless superpolicemen.

I go to the backroom and see a safe, fortunately I have my first hasbro drill with me that gets ¿stuck? every minute, and takes 5 mins to drill through a sheet-metal door.

When Im finished, I go outside to realize I forgot where I parked my escape car.

after all this, I don’t have enough money to buy a 40,000 dollar pistol.

I’ve heard people like this game so I admit there might be something in the game I didnt get.

Oh, and why’s there a japanese movie when you start the game?

This game feels a bit like a weird coma-dream.

but sure I could try mp.

It’s a trailer for a new character being released soon. I should be about sunday for some games.

So during Crimefest OVERKILL added the First World Bank heist from Payday: the Heist (which is an awesome map), and with that a couple new achievements, and two of them are really interesting and we should definitely try and get those two this weekend (4 people are required for them).

The first one is the OVERDRILL achievement/easter egg, if you complete this you’ll get 70 BAGS OF GOLD. You achieve this by activating an easter egg and then surviving for half an hour, on death wish difficulty.

The second one is Au ticket which upon completion will give you a special safe + a drill to open it (containts a special skin/mask), to accomplish this you need to find a special Titanium safe in the First World Bank and drill it open.

Anyone up for completing these two (or at least OVERDRILL)?

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