Partisans: Altis campaign

I want to invite members of CNTO to play an unofficial campaign where we play as guerillas fighting a force with superior firepower and technology, set in the late 2020s - early 2030s of Altis, in the wake of the Kavala Coup

We’ve got nothing but three crates of Lee Enfield rifles found in the castle left over from the greek civil war, some basic webbing, a mortar (with flare and explosive rounds) and black smoke grenades. This is the beginning of the insurgency

We are sparingly armed, lacking scopes, night vision, or long range radios, we have no support but that of those people who are brave enough to aid us.

We carry sandbags to errect small personal fortifications, the luckiest of us have back up pistols and flashlights. Medical supplies are scarce and likewise so is ammo. Regardless of our bleak situation, we must find evidence of the AAF’s war crimes and make it public if the world is to notice our plight, and who the real hooligans are. Altis’s corrupt and violent regime must fall.

Many AAF defectors swell our ranks. We know our enemy well.

The AAF are a well armed and modern fighting force, whatsmore they are ruthless, those that did not defect are capable of and have fired upon unarmed civilians who do not support their regime. Expect many of their soldiers to be armed with night vision, advanced firearms and optics and have armour and air support.

Our campaign objectives are thus:

  • Create and find FIA Cells and informants across Altis, organizing them into a cohesive fighting and intelligence force.

  • Secure arms, medical supplies and ammunition and vehicles, donated by sympathetic civilians and stolen from the enemy to aid in our continued survival

  • Prevent massacres, rescue political prisoners, and bolster support for our cause, and/or find evidence of AAF wrongdoing (mass graves, unchallenged massacres, corruption etc.

  • Smuggle off the books arms from Israel into the country to arm our increasingly growing force with quality assault rifles

  • Distrupt the AAF’s already chaotic command structure through assassination, ambush and diversion.

Do we need a seperate mod for the lee enfield? I haven’t spotted that in our mod colection yet…

The lee enfield is already in our mod collection. it was added along with some insurgent units.

I can already see this campaign stopping after one op due to the AAF calling in CAS just as we’re setting up camp somewhere xD

Though chris dies, la resistance lives on

Viva la revolution

I’m not really into revolutions and people fighting against power but yeah, i’d love to play this campaign!

You’re one of them, man. Part of the system…

Hell yeah, a system that grants me protection and a stable future( hopefully in the army), i have no need to go to the streets and organize a protest while all the rich people sees me on TV drinking expensive whiskey and smoking cigars, i chose to be one of those rich guys a long while ago…what can i say? I love cigars :smiley:

Hey guys I was supposed to start working on this after quickly banging out my first PvP mission but that went from 10mins (expected) to 3 Hours.

Anyway I think it is a cool idea and we can run it like the PMC ops every week on an off day, I don’t mind jacking up the first instalment, I will post on the thread when its done.


You are the bro-est of bros. Pm me if you need help