Other than Arma

There’s a few older games I’m interested in playing

GTA 5 Never played it, considering getting it. I’m a bit late to the party, but is it a fun online experience and would you guys want to play with me?.. also i’ve heard it runs well. My arma runs like shit but arma is generally quite poorly optimized. Perhaps it’ll be better… somehow.

Garry’s mod. It’s kind of ancient but I have very fond memories playing Trouble in Terrorist Town, The Hidden, Methlab RP, Sandbox, Zombie Master and my all time favourite: Elevator.

Space Engineers. It’s got a ton of updates recently, intrigued by the planets and volume of mods.

I’ve been meaning to take a look at space engineers myself.

If space engineers gets a nice discount this coming wintersales, perhaps I’ll pick it up

+1, though I won’t be able to play anything until new year.

I’ll play all three with you as I own all three.

Space Engies is always a good game though it’s time consuming.
Gmod is a classic.
GTA V I dabble in occasionally.

Arma runs poorly on my box. GTA barely ran. The other two I’d definitely be up for some MP of, though.

Space Engineers is a fun one. For anyone not aware, it’s essentially Space Minecraft. I’ve played it with Skippy and some friends of ours a little bit in the past, but I’d love to play with a few more people. I’m kind of swamped in Uni coursework right now, so video games are down to a minimum, but around January I’m totally down for that.

I had GTA 5, it was too criminal for my liking. But the quality of that game is 10/10.

If I may leave my 2 cents here. GMod would be awesome. I’d finally play that game for once, for real. None of my friends has it.

I will tell you 2 games that are worth considering as well.

Chaos Reborn. It’s not really known game I suppose. I played it a while and it’s VERY fun. Why? Game is basicly 50% luck 40% skill and 10% power of will. It has some very nice mechanics that are too long to explain but main features are luck and system of summoning creatures. Luck - everything is 1 hit kill. The chance of hit is obviously decided by stats of the creatures but even the shittiest thing on map can kill the strongest creature with 4% chance <3 And the summoning. The better creature you want to summon, the less chance you have to achieve that. You can boost it with points earned by just playing the match or by one other mechanic OR you can summon fake. It’s just like real one but the enemy can disbelieve it and then it disappears and he gets another turn for his move then. Target is to get to enemy wizard and kill it. Turn based strategy. Check it out, it gets on 5 euro sales sometimes.

Europa Universalis 4. Grand strategy(time goes day by day[ofc 1 day is few seconds if not part of second if you speed it up] and you can pause it). Very fun and very diplomatic game. It works kinda strange in MP since every player has to stop time when they need but it’s still great fun! You can’t suck whole France at once, for example, because they simply won’t go for that and if you take too much out of 1 war(provinces are given to you after the sue for peace) countries around you get angry and make coalition against you. Gotta really think what you do there. If there are any strategy fans in here… That’s title for you. Again buy it on sale. It’s nice game but it’s not worth 50 euro… 10 euro is perfect price since it has like 5 very nice DLCs that you probably might wanna buy.(but vanilla is fun without it anyways) I think it might get fun if 5 of us would play it and act like couch Napoleons :stuck_out_tongue:

EU4 would be very cool to play with some of you guys :slight_smile:

I still need some people to play Overwatch with btw. Hint hint.

Overwatch is worst tier. Get Titanfall 2 instead guys :slight_smile:

Overwatch always looked goofy to me and too much like TF2 had sex with league of legends. I like class based warfare but calm the fuck down. There’s barely any serious class based warfare games, arma is the best I can think of. People like to design their own characters if they’ve got a frontal lobe.

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