Operation ICEBOX: First Strike

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Looked like very good prepared enviroment - there were tables in builidng, cans, medical… if it was not some script but hand work, had to take a looot of time to prepare and it was cool. :thumb: I regret we did not make it into the other two objectives. (needed 20+ ppl for this op, estimated)

Just some things to remember:

  • If you destroy building the sandbags and so - stay in the air (and it looks weird). Like a Zeus it s possible to avoid it, somehow, but not always.
  • There was a jet engine running like 20 minutes and it was problem as I like to hear ppl around (maybe just my personal perception) and it s annoying to hear it for so long time. (like flying jet is ok as it s not intensive like 150m far away jet engine)
  • FPS - Actually, it was first op in very long time I had some FPS between 30-45 for long period. It s probably the number of object/units/groups placed. (my GPU and CPU (not even one core) were running above ±60% - max one core 74% I7-4790K) So, either it was the latest Arma update or too many objects/units/group and the server or engine could not make it)
  • Weather and Time of the day affect fps - so it can help to optimize the frames if needed
  • The comms between teams and what acctually them teams are doing together, could be better
  • If the leadership dies - somebody have to take the position or the unit will not work anymore. In FT it s in order: FTL, AAR, AR, AT.

Another things to remember:
- the fire teams should cover each other and work together always (we would have less casualities if we were working like squad where one team cover, other clears and after, we can just change roles and second team cover and first clear. I understand it could take more time but if less casualities - maybe it would be the same and more effective). Other problem was - the are was so huge for our numbers - I felt lonely even with all the squad around me.

  • We had no overwatch (the element like MMG or DMT would be nice support if on OW)

  • We could have again a CQB training as newer members could benefit from it and than everybody

  • I noticed one habit - it s ussually positive but - When ppl are next to wall, and they are stick to the wall - other ppl can not go behind them but have to go over the fireline, everybody’s gun, who is stick to the wall. It s not bad Idea to stay from the walls like 1 meter and accually let others run behind you. If a RPG comes - it bring some benefit too, maybe.

  • I believe the TL is more like manager - checking his and other team position, so he is not lonely element but coworking one

  • I believe the SQL should manage the work of the Fireteams and it s his job to manage them where to go and what to solve. The SQL/PLT creates the plan and send the FTLs to apply this plan. No plan = chaos. Generally PLT/SQL sends order down what to do, considering the elements closely working together as one organized unit.

Arma is littlebit different opposite other shooters - so in Arma the move quick and sprint - it will safe your life - does not work so well - so you can stay tactical as it should be, in non mass infantery attacks.

(today I died totally by my mistake - instead of shooting on 2 meters, taken by surprise, i wanted to take cover, as the AI was not looking at me in the moment - but it was not working and I was not quick enough)

Usually I have more fun when we apply stricter leadership and roles than free will - which leads to disorganizing. Lets not to get use to it and in low numbers just work slower, maybe little bit like well organized spec ops unit, than an army unit.