Operation "Homecoming"

So after several requests I took a trip down through my Google drive and found this piece of nostalgia of an OPORD laying in the darkness of my old files.


I dusted it off and changed all Community and element names to fit the CNTO. (for you guys who doesn’t know this was a mission I made in a previous community that most of the founders for CNTO was a part of too.)

The special thing about this mission is that it delivers a very different play style of an operation. We’re far from the standard (but amazing) Coop scenario. Other than that it’s good for people who wants to start leading but easily gets stressed by coms and too big of a fireteam. Here you lead at max 4 people and you’re free to move as you wish with a very simple task ahead of you: move north. On top of that it can be played several times since every slot or path represents a new part of the city to fight through.

So is this something you guys would be interested in trying again?

Sounds like it could be a very interesting mission Anders :slight_smile: it gets the tumbs up from me. :thumb:

I love survival missions and small teams. Really makes you appreciate and look out for your teammates.

I AM SO SIKED FOR THIS !!! When are we playing the pvp version of this ? :smiley:

YESSS!!! I have been waiting for this for so long. Awww yeah

Got alot of good memories of this mission, both in the air and on the ground.