Onward - Tactical VR FPS Game


I know the VR thing is still in early adopters shoes and some might never switch from their beloved monitors to what might be the future of first person gaming (all genres). I believe in the power of immersion this technology enables and that’s enough for me to support it beyond the state of ‘new fad’. I also thought I would never need a mobile phone in 1999…

All this is very early stage and I personally don’t like the unity engine. But in terms of licensing, Unity or Unreal engine are probably the less costly when you start a project not knowing if it’s going to be a success or not. And developing your own 3D engine is usually not an option either.


A bit of youtube :



PS: I shall state that I do not own a VR Device, but hey, I need to convince all the other early adopter kind of guys to jump on board, so that research keeps its momentum (means: financing), in order to make the next generation better and more affordable for me :smiley:

I’m definitely going to get this when it becomes available. What I’m most interested in seeing is how they overcome the movement issues that seem to plague VR games at the moment (i.e teleportation). My main issue with something like this is that VR motion sickness is very real, I have never suffered from motion sickness in my life until I got a vive.

When your senses are fully immersed in a game, even though you know its a game, your brain finds it difficult to make the distinction when you have the HMD on so moving in a game causes insane motion sickness if your character is moving but you are physically not. Now I can see how this would work with an Omni device but anything over a slow crawl with artificial movement causes terrible motion sickness.

I had this when playing hotdogs, horseshoes and hand grenades, if I am physically moving around the room space, its fine, as soon as I uses the click to walk function I instantly felt ill, the only thing I can compare it to is being on a playground roundabout for far too long spinning at full speed.

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