[Official] New sounds for ArmA3

BI just released a blog post describing their progress on Marksmen DLC and content associated with it.
This post describes the changes to sounds.

You can check it here:

I can imagine the rage of the JSRS team right now.

Well, JSRS never meant to be realistic or authentic, but rather cool and effective.
It’s going to be a pain for them when the new file structure for the weapons hits.
I really like the new sounds preview, you can almost feel the smoke coming from the gun :slight_smile:

JSRS and other sound mods have been suffering from bugs and issues that were caused by the engine (Think ARMA didn’t have door sounds since OFP up until a few months ago!)

I think any change to the sounds will be an improvement and will allow mods to be even better.

Have to say that these sounds pretty good.
Hope that they will try give more personality to each gun family.
May be me but so far, even tho you could say witch guns was fired, they always sound a bit simple, without a lot of let’s say ‘‘taste’’
This new sound for the greenbacks rifle sounds a bit more unique to me, and way more realistic as well.

To me, that OPREP is pure win. There are so many things that Arma could (and should!) improve, and this is an important one for me. Quality sounds are just a must for a game with such a big scope.

@Jeeves: I actually don’t think the dev teams of sound mods are much annoyed by this. I think it will take quite some time for all the improvements to be fully implemented, so in the meanwhile the sound mods fulfill a very important role. We don’t even know if the end result of BI’s improvement will be better than JSRS (though I think it’s highly likely). In any way, these dev teams have brought much joy to the community for many years and are probably the root cause of BI’s choice to put some priority on sounds.

Here’s a showcase of weapons that got their first pass on the sound rework