Now the AI can get shot at while saving their mates.

Future AGM feature!


This might be a bad thing if it results in ‘help’ demands being absolute. We’d become inclined to shoot at legs to knock out, so other enemies rush to that person. Then you do the same to them and kill the first… and so you begin an easy killing loop. Possibly.

Besides which, I can think of plenty of other potential problems.

Apparently the AI will finish outstanding tasks and engage known targets before aiding their unit mates but its in development so who knows what the final version will be like. Obviously like any complicated scripting it could go horribly wrong in actual use. Still it would be nice to see an AI unit which has been written off as "only one guy left crawling around in the mud, who cares" actually heal itself up and present a threat again.

Agreed with teddy on that + Adds more realism to clearing sites or zones up to prevent surprise ambushes from single riflemen in the forests and such

This looks pretty cool if done correctly, like Teddy said it could go wrong and this is Arma we’re talking about, but it would be freaking awesome if it works.
Also this video was really screwing with me, I thought that whenever I pressed the play button it would also press play on spotify as I was listening to the same song that played in the video (Alvermans Wraak by Heidevolk). It lasted a while till I figured out it was just background music xD

Related to AGM there might be a new cook off function introduced next update: