Nokē U-Lock

[justify]Hey guys,

A couple of co-workers and I are backing this Kickstarter project. If you are a frequent inner-city bike driver like me you might be interested in this product.

The promotion to get the lock at a reduced price of $99.- ends in three days. If you order in bulk (with a couple of friends) your lock will get even cheaper, bought mine for $76.-[/justify]

Seems like a very nice idea. But it’s a U-Lock :frowning:
I don’t like U-lock because I’m very limited as to where I can lock my bike. Often in front of institutions you have bunch of bike already taking some locations where you can use U-Lock. Other BS is that they keep buying bike stands that are good for nothing, like this or this. You either mess up your break disk or you have to have 2m chain to be able to lock the frame, not just the tire.

So I’m using something like this, 3-4 cm in diameter, I can lock the bike around the tree. The worst that happened to me was that someone tried to cut the chain but couldn’t so instead he dismantled the seat lock.

Noke(y) sounds very nice idea in some more civilised countries, but not here. I’ll wait for some chain versions.

I have a similar lock and it works well. Have not used it in a while tho, since I’m lazy. Further, it does not matter what kind of a lock one has in my city, the bike will still get stolen. I also had my saddle stolen last year as it had one of those fast seat locks.