No idea where i can put this so I'll jam it here

Cezar looking mighty fine to the left :smiley:
Ya’ll so tacticool. <3

Oh man, I love NVGoggless-less night missions. <3

Rep for Ryujin, he suggested the date and time to make this full moon mission possible. 1st of January 2015, 00:00 hours.

You can upload this to the gallery :smiley:
And it was surprisingly playable for 00:00 hours.

Full moon + Good weather = Gucci Gucci

i recorded… but had a problem with the freaking recorder… i think the card was in conflict with something… and for the first 10 min went good but after that the recording was just rubish… so disapointed… that moment when clarke sent mortars in front and sides of my humvee… and i drifitng to them… so freaking amazing! such an intense scene!!

Ah, that sucks. Alpha 2 didn’t get to see too much of the action, but I did record (And already edited & uploaded :stuck_out_tongue: )

I just realized most of my gunfight was at ranges around 400m. I should do what Kilroy and Frankie do with that extra zoom. I’ll edit it some more. :open_mouth:

Insane feel free to upload it to the Altis Campaign folder if you want to. The more pictures there the better :slight_smile: