New Youtube player


Youtube is testing their new player.

It runs smoother, looks better and fixes some buffering problems.

You can enable it here:

This new player is awesome! It gives me the feeling that I’m watching Netflix, which is nice.
Youtube is finally changing for the better, which hasn’t happened in a long, long time.

Awesome, but I kind a feel that updates like this should have been released long ago.

Better late than never.

It seems like the video quality is lower though (more pixelated), does anyone else have this?

It might be like that due to larger player window size. Overall I dont experiance quality drop on fullscreen.

Works great, thanks Abuk!

My YT crashes sometimes when i switch to 1080 and put it on fullscreen. Really annoying and happens 3/4 times :confused:

I’ve been using it ever since Abuk published this and it’s been working great so far. Really enjoying it, a lot less intrusive than the previous one.

Its still experimental and might cause issues/crashes.
What browser are you using?
On latest firefox works just fine.

Firefox yeah. Ill update it to make sure I have the latest.

I’m using it on Chrome. No issues whatsoever. Haven’t tried on Firefox, will test that tonight if i get the chance for it.