New performance binaries for Arma3 (1.40 perf v2)

Bohemia guys just released new performance binaries for arma.
They increase general game stability and performance, but are an experimental thing.
You can use them with your arma client and join any 1.40 or 1.40 perf v2 server
(cross compatible). Binaries are available for both client and server.

How to:

  1. Download arma3client_performance_140v2.7z
  2. Unpack it into your game folder.
  3. Run game by using arma3client_performance_140v2.exe
  4. Optional: Back-up original arma3.exe and rename the performance client to arma3.exe.
    (this way all launchers like steam, arma3sync, playwithsix etc will be using the perf .exe to launch game)

Be aware: this is experimental, it might improve your FPS and game stability, but might also cause your game to behave weird or crash. Use at your own risk. In case you delete your original arma3.exe or somehow corrupt your game files, verify game cache integrity with Steam.

Keep in mind that if you verify cache it will restore original arma3.exe, thus disabling the performance binaries. You might want to re-do the whole procedure after each verification.

I havent been able to test it as Im still downloading the mods, but has anyone else who has tested it noticed any improvements?

Still downloading. According to chatter on IRC, you can expect 0.003% performance improvement. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well atleast it’s an improvement xD

Yup, totally, because 35.105 FPS is much better than 35 (0.3% increase). But lets see, maybe those guys have carried couple of zeroes wrongly and it’s actually 30% increase.

Well, I dunno 'bout that 0,003% perfomance increase but I just hopped on the server and played on Takistan (MCC template) and had a stable 90 fps without enemies and 70 fps with enemies (around 40 of em) with video settings on Very High. I know that I was on my own but before this I wasn’t even able to get that on Stratis in SP, wich means a lot. Thanks Abuk!