New Official Arma3 Terrain!

BI just announced a reveal of new official terrain!

The countdown (and info) can be found here: Tanoa | Arma 3 | Official Website

Event announcement:

It will be a part of upcoming expansion pack.

Hyped yet? :smiley:


Edit: I really hope that this won’t be another Greek map, played too much on Altis and Stratis to enjoy that

AAAAAAA! This is why I don’t watch trailers and similar promotional videos. I can’t take the hype!

Does anyone have any inside information of anything relating to this map?



Oh my

Edit. I hope there is more forest.

If i had to guess it’d be jungles or savannah, because they’ve pretty much done everything else

Rumours say about South - East Asia oriented terrain. Which seems to be right with leaked models of some assets from BI studios.

According to the released star-scapes the speculation is somewhere South-East Asian. I really think this is the new engine’s chance to show off improved vegetation in some sort of jungle environment but that’s a tad far-fetched.

Jungle tactics! Is there VC or NVA faction in some custom mod?

[user avatar=“” name=“Highway”]13688253[/user] If you can settle for 2004 content, UNSUNG will set you up.

If this is really going to be asia, this means Vietnam :smiley:

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It’s probably going to be something based around pushing CSAT back to Asia

would be nice with rivers and jungle terrain, if they do that, Apocalypse Now style… 8)