New map for BreakingPoint

The map is called Esseker and is inspired on real life terrain in central Bosnia and the map Chernarus. It’s 13x13km or 169km^2.
I think it looks amazing with all these abandoned buildings and places. I like the vast forests!
In the dev blog of BP the developers also announced secret places like an irradiated nuclear power plant. And there will be very rare loot at such spots. But you will need special gear to enter these places. Beside that they want to implement a new loot system. Etc. Etc.
I look forward to this new stuff.


By the way there will be also new classes an engineer and playable zombies.


How about we use this for operations? Would be nice to play in a post apocalyptic environment.

That’s a great idea Chris this map looks awesome, could have some really cool backstories to OP’s.

thx grey for the post… This map looks like a masterpiece =) just finished downloading BP over steam to check it out!

I really would like to play some op’s on it! There is maybe just the question about performance and compatibility with our mod’s… i wait for Clark’s opinion =)

It’s very nice looking map. I like it because it’s detailed and immersive. I will definitely try it out in BP.

As always, we don’t know if a map is truly compatible with our mods until we do a big test on our server. Adding 15+ players, creating a mission for them and at the same time spawning a lot of AI, will count as true stress test. Only then can we see any potential mod collision or framerate issues.

Considering this map is still in alpha state, we won’t be testing it yet. We have a lot of good maps which we haven’t even touched yet, like Utes, Zargabad, Proving Grounds, Shapur, Imrali, Chernarus in summer, etc, all part of AiA. This Thursday we will do a big test of Kunduz map, potential addition to our map pool. Keep in mind, adding any new map increases the overall size of the repo, meaning a lot more to download for new guys, and a greater chance for something not to be compatible after game updates.

We should definitely keep a track of this map, but I don’t think we should turn our focus to it yet.