New map Chernobyl zone to repository (?)


I would be happy to see this map in repository and more happy to play on this map with you guys, some coop campaign, like we do now on the Lingor (I think it s Lingor), cleaning all the place :slight_smile:

I hope more of you does like this map too, or will like after look in eden editor


My personal screens from Chernobyl zone only: (so there are extra things and enemy but you see the enviroment from about 1/2 of the map as i still did not make it to city in SP test mission)

Chernobyl zone, is 8*8 Km big, very detailed enviroment - it is exact copy of Prypjat sattelite map - it s real abandoned place in Ukraine. You find the same buildings on map like in real place. It has 73 400 subscribers on steam and personaly it is the best mod/map i ever downloaded from steam.

Some description about map:
No fps problems like with Taunus map for example and very beautifull enviroment. This map is very flat with max point like 20m above sea. So you have to watch where you are going, bc you simply can not be defilate all the time how you wish and enemy patrol can simply run out of bush next to you.
Probably needed good organization and teamwork not to "get lost in the woods" as you can not see too much around on some places, and it makes the playing really like "dangerous", i never get the "im safe" feeling on this map.
Weather possibilities on this map are very good and make huge difference for gameplay too, especially fog+fog ceiling make the combat distance different and daytime+month in the year+weather make great lights effects. It s possible do work with the fog ceiling a lot becouse the map is so flat. Altis and Tanoa are not so positively affected by weather possibilities and on open maps, where you have to go look for rocks or defilate cover, the fog or dark is problématic for gameplay bc the long distances you need to see something. Chernobyl zone is more close combat.

Comment to grass: (I use higher grass mode and AI do not see throught that, but of course they can shoot you if they saw you 5-15 seconds before getting down, they are just shooting around on blind like we do) So i think the normal grass on the map is ok, not source of problém, you just have to move few (5-15) meters if you got spotted before getting down not to die there by granade or suppresive bullet fire)

Comment to trees: I did notice only one problém in 500 hours - when tree was fallen on ground BTR-80 could somehow shoot me. They did know about me im there, but, im not sure if fallen trees can be problém, but probably not. Probably the 20 or 30 mm gun could got me with hight probability shooting blind.

Some issues:

  • there is problĂ©m around reactor - it s not done yet and probably never will be, you can walk through objects there, expecially the channel fall to water is bad, good news is it is on border of map, so it s not issue we do not have to play there or place there AIs
  • you can not garisson some type of buildings or walk in
  • on the train bridge is one spot, where it is probably badly connected and you can fall down to water, I just walk it over with V or Ctrl V but once i had to swim becouse that

Greate things:

  • You have to be carefull all the time as you sometimes see only 100m in front of you bc bushes and trees.
  • Very beautifull map, detailed, not open fields more than 500m
  • No problems with FPS until about 150 groups on map (right now i work with about 350 groups with view distance 500m and about 1700-1900 infantery units - fps from 15 to 43 in SP)
  • There is big city Prypjat, lonely houses, compounds, village, big woods, some plains, open spaces, train station, watter lakes and natural water channels, railroads, roads in night there are no lights on the map - it s all dark (can be interasting for mission makers) (Btw, fighter pilot helmet is great for night as you see can see full screen or other fullscreen Night Vision Gear)
  • I think this map is very different bc it s very flat enviroment where you can not simply go defilade whenever you want
  • close combat in woods, village, huge Prypjat city, objects
  • longer distances combat on plains
  • in close combat till 100m the AI can takĂ© cover very well and move well, they are stupid on bigger distances as they are ussualy trying to come close - it s easy to shoot them when they run towards me bc they are programed to get closer, but as there is cover everywhere and grass it s not so easy :slight_smile:
  • I can see huge number of places where could be made greate tasks for coop

This map is different, opposite Altis, Lingor, Dingor, Malden 2035 and similar, I would say this map is good for fighting on 50-250 meters as it s full of wide trees for cover and objects. Greate for ambushes, hit and run, invisible sneaking on 10 meters to enemy position to throw granade or simply quick and silent operations with silencers, when they are not able to respond back yet. There is a planty of roads. Some areas on map are more open for technicals.

Pls, if you like this map, do not let it for yourself and write it here. I believe this map bc it s difference oposit other, would be greate thing to add to repository. I recommed to download it and look in eden editor to see yourself.

First off check this video out I think you will like it :slight_smile:


Secondly please use the Brainstorming forum for any mod suggestions including maps.

See here for details of submissions

We’ll probably add it to the repo this halloween for some special halloween month ops.


We had it in the repo for a bit, but removed it due to very low quality and limited use (IIRC).

Ou, I should next time try to use the search at forum first. So the map is well known and even played. So then Im looking forward to halloween :slight_smile:

Thx, for the video link Dachi, i watched it, it was nice to see how Zeus works and I had a LOL how nobody wanted call the zombies zombies but civilians or angry civilians :LOL: