New loading screen?

A follow up to my last post, I’ve tried to polish the effect to use it on some sweet In-game (Editor) screenshot, for prototype map theme loading screen. (I didn’t knew what to play after Wargame*)
None of these are screen from In-game loading, and a purely made into photoshop.
Here is a Chernarus one,

And here is my attempt for the Kunduz map,

Some feedback would be once more much appreciated :slight_smile:
If interested you can find the source screenshot here as well as few extras.

I’d suggest taking some pictures from our gallery to make it a little more personal :wink:

Not sure if it’s my monitor, but the images look kinda dark to me. Maybe brighten them up to get more detail?

Should add some rainbows

Challenge accepted

Infinitely better

lol I love it Tiloup,

It would be cool to use pictures from the gallery taken on the map in question, would be a nice personal touch as anders has already said.


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