New Chernarus Perspective

New Chernarus Perspective
Available in 4 days
Experience zombie filled Chernarus from a brand new perspective! Available exclusively from for FREE on 20th November at 18:00CET

I just saw this on the bistudio store and I was wondering what it is. Maybe a Chernarus+ port to arma 3? If you know please do tell

This is interesting, will definitely look into it when it comes out.

Let’s get realistic Chris. This will be free so there’s no reason to expect anything big.

It wont be a Chernarus+ port(I believe) because: BI believes in quality over quantity. The would want a quality port to Arma 3 and that takes time, and time is money. And Chernarus+ isn’t complete yet.

The Arma 3 team has lots of other stuff to do than port Chernarus+ (which I frankly don’t care that much about). From what I’ve read this could be a new camera perspective? For filming purposes. Something small but nice nonetheless.

It says that we’ll experience a zombie filled chernarus from a brand new perspective, and as of now ArmA 3 doesn’t officially have chernarus. So if we want to experience chernarus from a new camera perspective, wouldn’t we need chernarus first?

It’s nowhere stated that this is for Arma 3.

Oh right, dunno where I got that from xD
But free stuff is good anyway