New ArmA3 content incoming - bipods, resting and more!

Bohemia just posted about the content thats incoming both for ArmA3 vanilla and Marksmen DLC.

That includes much requested weapon resting and functional bipods, along with new terrain (new official map), improving Zeus to become a full-fledged 3D real time map editor, new weaponry or overhaul of the server browser, in-game interactions and controls, and communications.

Also mentioned:

  • 7 new weapons for Marksmen DLC (5 rifles, 2 machineguns)
  • incapacipation and revival system
  • new official game mode
  • restriction free DLC content testing in Virtual Arsenal
  • addition of vehicles to Virtual Arsenal
  • automated mod installation and support

Full description can be found at:

New official map?? Aww yeeahh

I’ve just noticed something.
Bohemia is working not only on Marksmen DLC but also at a big expansion pack that is to be released by the end of this year.

While replaying singleplayer missions I’ve noticed mentioning about british forces. This is related to BAF, but there is no BAF in ArmA3 as of yet.

Just look at this fragment (flags on billboard, 0:58)

My bet is that big expansion will be reintroduction of BAF and possibly other (PMC, Army of CR) ArmA 2 content alongside official Chernarus map.

That being said, it is possible we will have 4 official maps by then - Altis, Stratis, Chernarus and one that’s in the works.

In the latest "Scanning the Horizon" post by Crowe, they also intend to refine AI pathfinding - work that will benefit their new terrain. So this tells me we might get a more CQB focused map.

@Abuk: There’s no reason for BI to reintroduce old content in a new expansion. It just wouldn’t make any sense. If they would officially port Chernarus it wouldn’t be with an expansion but just a "platform update" like Zeus. However, that most probably won’t happen too because the community is already doing enough efforts to port A2 content (think of the Community Upgrade Project). I also doubt they will reintroduce old factions. They just wouldn’t fit within the current time period of Arma 3 (NATO forces).

Boy, if they don’t include a god damn fucking C-130ish transport airplane (or just any other airplane, because we don’t have shit), I’m gonna go batshit crazy and RPG their HQ in Prague. Shit.

What did I do? ;D

I agree. That campaign intro is almost 2 years old, I’m pretty sure they’re doing something entirely different.

Whoops meant to answer Abuk :smiley: poor Bull …