My first festival of this year !

So this weekend im going to Groezrock ( ). First festival of this year !
I’m super excited, there are some bands i’ve never seen live and some others that I always enjoy.
Is anyone else going ?
You can find me in the pit at my friends in No Turning Back, at the first row/onstage with Defeater or fucking up peoples faces at Stick To Your Guns.
Also what festival did you get tickets to already ?


I haven’t been to a festival in a while. Last I went to was Hard Rock Calling a couple years ago in Hyde park, i think it was. Pearl Jam headlined and were fucking ace.

I’d love to go to some festivals this year, I just don’t have anyone to go with (all my irl friends are non-metalheads)

Actually planed to get tickets for AC/DC playing at Roskilde just before the actual festival but my father who was going to buy them decided to go to a meeting at the same time so…

Anyways was at Roskilde last year for Arctic monkeys. It was only a day ticket though.

Groez! \m/ Unfortunately, i can’t go, but let me know how it was!

Awesome ! I am broken because of the weekend but holy shit it was amazing. Made friends, drank some good belgium beer, enjoyed bands, met up with lots of friends and danced my brains out ! Good festival :slight_smile:
Tomorow Turnstile in Tilburg and then back to normal life for a few weeks.
Will post the best video later when its uploaded :slight_smile: