MP missions :)

Works better in PvP, because I don’t think you can simulate fear or survival instinct and other cool stuff with Arma bots. There’s a lot of cool stuff to be done, such as "detaining" armed suspects, intercepting sabotage attacks and raiding special forces (and or criminal organisations’) safe houses. In this kind of missions the importance of communication really shows and they also practice one’s FFI and awareness skills (not everyone on area are hostile or armed nor does being unarmed necessarily mean they’re not hostile).

MP meaning Military Police stuff.

This sounds cool

Love that stuff!

I am currently working on a mission quite like this. It’s not exactly as depicted here, but the basic premise is the same. You are basically a detached FBI group tasked with taking down criminals and carrying out counter-terrorist operations. The first of these missions will be hosted on Fallujah, but I don’t see why we can branch it out if all goes well. :thumb:

I, too, am working on a couple of Police-based missions where the players will have to raid compounds and such. If only we had cop cars and swat vans in our mod-sets haha.

Not that we couldn’t just use Military vehicles and be American cops…have you SEEN what they are rolling with since that Congress-approved equipment co-op?

We don’t need those. For example I’m used to driving these to the missions

Of course we have also these

For some reason, so do US SWAT teams.

Yeah, and regular police forces get some weird-ass toys as well in the US:


Oh yeah, dude, my local police department got some military-grade shit a few years ago. Riot gear, M4s (instead of the AR-15s they had previously), and a couple of refitted vehicles. Its gettin’ scary back there.

When I left school I spent a year in South America working for a charity. We used landys to get about everywhere and it was awesome, except for the fact that they we old and only had metal bench seats in the back. Pure torture.

Those Land Rover Defenders are horrible though :d

Yeah, I can imagine they’re uncomfortable to be on the back, but I was always either driving or navigating, so it wasn’t that bad.

It is a fine vehicle if you like a car with the turning circle of a small moon.