Miniop question

If I wanted to run a mini-op, what would be the required steps to get that going (assuming I got the goahead from you guys)?

[justify]Mini-ops are very informal and require few steps to be organised. This is by design to encourage others to pick up the mantle of MCC and try out their skills in a "safe" environment whereas others schedules are not being compromised by an inexperienced MCC. Of course this means that anyone attending a mini-op has to be patient and adjust their expectations, mini-ops are basically training sessions for aspiring MCCs.

1.) Contact an NCO+ if you want to host a spontaneous mini-op on the server - currently we have a Chernarus and Altis map running ACE configs. Ask them to post an event on the website, these events will not include invitations, it’s going to be sign-up only.

2.) If possible contact me either a couple of days in advance or on the day if I’m on TS (however, I won’t always have time spontaneously) to give you a quick run-down of the mandatory MCC prep-work and some tips and tricks (how to get mortars to fire, how to properly place static MGs so they are integrated into the GAIA network, how to get helicopters to do what you want them to etc.)

I hope this answers your question fully and encourages others to try their hand at mini-ops as well.


it does, very much so. Thank you, Clarke! :smiley:

Great stuff!

I was wondering if there could be another way for us to get notifications about spontaneous events. Perhaps a Google email list or whatsapp group? If such a mechanism already exists, perhaps we should list it in the "Follow us" module. I believe that currently you go to TS and ask around, but it would be good to have another way of getting notified when "off-line" or doing something else. For example, I got a direct invitation last night, which made me join (the excellent) mini-op that I probably would have missed otherwise.

Another good way could be to create a post on the Steam group, which creates a small popup. The only problem being that not everyone has rights to create such a post.

i like that idea supreme, for must of the students is now summer holidays so we have lots of free time!

The problem with notification services is the added workload of maintaining it. Discharges, LoAs and Reserves would have to be added or removed in order to not spam people who do not want such an update.

The best bang-for-your-buck method is most likely the Steam group. Ryujin and I decided way back that we won’t be maintaining the roster in the Steam group as people who do not want to be part of it can always leave. There are some minor issues with the Steam method however:

  • some members might only want to "represent" us by being part of the group but do not wish to be messaged from that group in any way.
  • the status updates still require manual input and the admins/moderators of this community already have a lot of manual duties to carry out. Unless absolutely necessary I wouldn’t feel comfortable in adding another one to that list.

Can steam group members disable the update messages if they so choose?

After 8 years it is still not possible to disable group notifications.

I thought you said goathead. Relaxed to know you don’t want us to decapitate Goat.

hahaha. Maybe, depends on how things go in D&D.