Mini-op tonight? - 24/01/15

Can also play TTT if we want ! But ill be around at 20:00 to play :slight_smile: I might like a mission sololy on foot during the day clearing 1 big town. Maybe with mortar support or cas.

Takistan? :smiley:

Takistan should be an option since Clarke is going to be finished with the template for it this afternoon

Looks pretty promising! Just hop in at standard up time and we’ll see how many we are :slight_smile:

Glorious mini-op! Great job everyone and thank you for attending. :slight_smile:

[justify]I’ve uploaded v5 of the coop template onto the server yesterday afternoon. Highlights are new loadouts (small changes, but will offer new options for all classes), dedicated MCC Game Master slot with SL loadout for full radio intel, three maps in total: Takistan, Podagorsk and Altis.

PBO checker will now not just warn but also kick people with incorrect mod repo.[/justify]

Yeah it worked pretty nicely :wink:

Clarke is there a chance that you can delete this thread since it has already been done and some people might think it’s tonight?