Mini OP starting time

Following the advice of a fellow player ('scuse me, but I forgot who it was exactly), I’d like to suggest something to the mission makers who create Mini OPs.

Seeing I generally have time to play events later in the night, I’m wondering how you guys feel about some of the missions starting a bit later, say 21:00 or even 22:00.

My reasoning is that it’s a mini-op so we have fewer players anyway and chances are they’re an addictive kind of bunch like I am so maybe sitting on a session 22:00-24:00 would give us plenty of time to perform the mission, have some fun and still keep it on a decent enough level without staying up later being such a big issue.

Maybe setting up a trial event or two just to see how many people we get signing up and then comparing it to average Mini-OP when it starts at 20h.

Please vote and feedback as you see fit.


Well if the mini-ops are in the weekend then I’m totally up for it, but I usually have to wake up at 7 am and finishing an op at 24:00 or even later is just a no go for me.

I liked "spontaneous" mini ops way more than these planned things and as such I don’t believe they should have a standard starting time. :slight_smile:

Therefore, I ask that on some of them you guys spontaneously make the starting time at 22:00 :d