Mike Force Logistics

Wanted to start a conversation over what we can do better when it comes to Mike Force Logistics. Think we/I can do better and make it so that both when I (or anyone else who wants to help) does prep pre mission or during we can be well supplied when killing VC.

I did like the idea we came up with last mission, to have an out of AO (maybe 1km away) FOB that has lots of supplies/Vehicle Spawner/Helo resupply and then when people come on we make a FOB in the AO itself for quicker respawns

I also wanted to build on the idea I had of a infantry rearm point out in the field. Since you respawn with the ammo you had on you when you die you’re rapidly going to run out of supplies so we either need in AO resupply or occasionally respawn back at base to re-arsenal up. What I did last time was load up a truck with ammo but the issue with that was when it was taken with it was an easy target for mortars and by the 2nd AO it was taken out. I’d propose using the spawnable ammo crates but to load them up with additional supplies since they have infinite space in them. Leading on from that I wanted to check what extra stuff people would want to see brought into the AO. See below for 2 lists of stuff that I’d consider essential and other stuff that people may want and can add if there is demand

Essential List

  • M16 Ammo
  • M60 Ammo
  • Medkits
  • Oranges
  • Flares (UGL and Launcher)
  • Breeching charges
  • Grenades (M61/M67)
  • Smokes (White/Red/Purple)
  • M1911 ammo
  • M40 Ammo
  • UGL Grenades
  • UGL Smokes

Maybe List

Also wanted to check if static weapons were needed to be brought in. As [user avatar=“https://assets-cloud.enjin.com/users/16274568/avatar/small.1591361600.png” name=“Garf”]16274568[/user] pointed out M2 statics can be spawned at the vehicle spawner and I’m not sure if I saw mortars used so is it worth bringing those?

What we could also do is bring small building supplies crates as well as the sandbag ones so supplies can be driven in rather than relying on Nightbird (or having to lose them while they fly back to base for a crate)

What did you guys think? Any other suggestions on what we can do to prepare?