Merry Christmas everyone!

Even though I have been discharged for my baby being born at the time, I haven’t forgotten about you guys! I miss the good old days hanging out with you. Thank you for making me wanna come back every single time I remember the fun times.

My baby is turning 4 months pretty soon and she’s a laughing beauty. I couldn’t be prouder. She’s jumped out of the premature condition like a true soldier and now reigns over our kingdom as a shiny princess.

I want to wish you all a very happy holiday season with loads of laughter, food and a cozy fireplace. No presents, though. :wink:

All my esteem,


[justify]Great to hear that you and the youngling are alive and well. I hope your new family enjoys the holidays. All the best for the new year!

How about some pictures of the little Owl-Princess? :thumb:[/justify]

Merry christmas, and best wishes iisha.
But don’t think your daugther can yet compete with Chris for the Owl-Princess tilte :slight_smile:

I usually tend to not post pictures from my personal life. But I’ll make a temporary exception for you guys.
I’m deleting the picture in a few days to respect my daughter’s privacy.

Picture was redacted.

Totes adorbs!

Happy Holidays to you and your new family Iisha!!

Merry Christmas Iisha and a Happy New Year! Hope you guys have a lot of fun and a lot of sleep :wink:

Sooooooooooooo cute :slight_smile:

Someone seems to enjoy early years of life !
Happy Holidays and Marry Christmas Iisha to you and your family, its such a joy to see old friendly faces pop up now and then!

P.S. As christmas gift for the princess I recommend a ShackTac Full Tactical Guide signed by Ryujin.

What kind of princess ?

A sleepy one. :wink:

Thank you very much everyone for all your esteem. Hope everyone experiences the greatest of moments this season. Hugs galore!