Hey guys,

Here’s the changelog of the latest MCC update, I’m posting it on the forum because the author didn’t front page it neither on BI forum nor on Armaholic.

[spoiler=Changelog - r12]Change log r12:
Added: Radio System - NEW

  • Adds simulated military radio sounds (such as ACRE/TFR) to built in VON , the radio will become scramble as the players move away from each others.
  • Players will be allowed to use specific radio as Commander will be able to use the command radio, squad leaders the Side radio and all can use the Group, Direct and Vehicle radio.
  • Able to define punishment to radio abuser as kick after hot mic for a period a time or for not using the correct radio (as grunt using the commander radio).
  • Distinguished beeps for commanders broadcasts.
  • Need to be activated and configure by placing the MCC Settings(Radio) module.
  • Additional params:
    MCC_VonRadio - activate on/off - must be done before the mission start
    MCC_vonRadioDistanceGlobal - Max distance for Global radio
    MCC_vonRadioDistanceSide - Max distance for Side radio
    MCC_vonRadioDistanceCommander - Max distance for Commander radio
    MCC_vonRadioDistanceGroup - Max distance for Group radio
    MCC_vonRadioKickIdle - Should we kick abusing players
    MCC_vonRadioKickIdleTime - How long before kicking a player who is hot micing.

Added: Pick up kit - NEW

  • Using the interaction key on dead body players can pick the entire gear of the dead unit (uniforms, helmet not included).
  • Used for PvP match where you want to disable players inventory.

Added: Quick Weapon change - NEW

  • Switch weapons using the Shift + 1-5 keys.
    1: Primary Weapon/Handgun
    2: Launcher
    3: Grenades
    4: Utility/Explosives
  • Added: Quick drop of explosives and utility pressing the 4 key will cycle between available ordnance and utilities. Pressing the left mouse button will deploy them pressing the right mouse button will detonate it.
  • Added: Grenade throw, 3 different grenades throws: shallow, normal and roll. Pressing the Shift + 3 key will cycle between available grenades. Pressing the right mouse button will tilt the grenade icon where horizontal grenade means roll, 45 degree means shallow throw and full up position means normal throw.
    Use the grenade icon to aim and press left mouse button to throw.
  • Additional params:
    MCC_quickWeaponChange - Enable/Disable quick weapon change.

Added: Personal Ammo-Boxes - NEW

  • Added: Personal ammo-boxes that can be carried and dropped using the Shift +4 key
  • Any player can approach the ammo box and hold the interaction key to resupply ammo for their handgun, launchers and rifles.
  • Each box have limited supply and will be deleted once depleted.
  • Used for PvP match where you want to disable players inventory.
  • Added to the rifleman role in role selection.

Added: Logistics to helicopters - NEW

  • While flying above 15 meters and not far from 50 meters from the HQ helicopters pilots can press the MCC interaction key to bring up the logistic interface.
  • Helicopters can sling load one crate at a time and deliver it around the battlefield.
  • Added: Big supply crates for big transport helicopters. Big supply crates are equal to 4 regular supply crates.
  • Added: Taru helicopter’s pilots can purchase pods at the HQ.
  • Added: XP from logistics

Added: Interact self - NEW

  • Added: with interact self (Ctrl + interaction key by default) players can heal and inspect themselves (MCC medical system), Spot enemies, call support and order the construction of FOB ex.

Added: Medical system - NEW WIP
New modular and scalable medical system (need to place the MCC medical system module) the medical system is built around blood level where a player loses a lot of blood he will eventually die.

  • Complex or plain: in complex mod players will need more items to heal such as epipen, bandages, first aid kits, saline bags and more. Where in the non-complex mod, players will use ArmA 3 default gear such as FAIK and Medikits.
  • Medical system will work on AI and players where AI will sometimes regain consciousness so verifying a kill is now needed.
  • Bleeding, players and AI can bleed to death either while alive or unconscious, bandaging will only stop the bleeding but will not regain blood level. Blood level will regain over long periods of time and can be increased to a degree by addressing saline transfusions.
  • Unconscious effects for players and AI.
  • Bleeding effects vary from blurry vision, lower stamina, fading and color blind - depends on the amount of blood lost.
  • Body armor - mission maker can adjust the effectiveness of body armors by adjusting it effects on players.
  • Team kill punish - Where a player got killed by a friendly player he can ask to punish that player - if mission maker allows.
  • MEDIVAC - since blood loose regain slowly it is vital to get the mortally wounded players to the MCC side start location to fasten the blood regain and heal major wounds.

Added: Shared cargo and valor system - NEW
As part of the expending WIP RTS element of the commander console new buildings have been added such as: Medical area, Medical Lab, Diesel generator, solar power panels’ exc. So far you can only fool around by building these buildings as of now they aren’t functional yet.
But in the basic version of the H.Q (Start location) and the 2 upgraded version of it (Radio tower and Sat-coms) I’ve added shared cargo box in the entrance to the HQ.
The shared cargo box allows players to drop items they don’t need or resources they have found using the survival option to gain valor points and resources points.
Valor points can be used to withdraw items from the shared cargo but there is a catch, withdrawing an item will always cost more valor points then deposit it so at the end players are encouraged to give to the community more then they take.
KEEP IN MIND this is a WIP and this is my playground so if you don’t like it just skip it and never activate the survival option. For those who do want to explore it keep in mind that this is my take on ArmA 3 campaign and according to my Interpretation I would love to make a resistance game mode where a group of players struggle with minimum gear to regain resources and control over the island while fighting Opfor AI and rival players driven faction.

  • Added: Switch cover system off on client side.

  • Added: Role selection to MCC settings module

  • Added: Survive mod to MCC settings (mechanics) module

  • Added: while role selection is active players won’t be able to disassemble static weapons.

  • Added: MCC_ingameUI - turn off for no in-game UI such as above IED: available in the mission settings and the MCC Settings (Mechanics) module.

  • Added: Max load, Weight and armor value to the uniform selection in roles selection.

  • fixed: Commander console artillery laser targets and multiple rounds

  • fixed: Fast rope bugs since Helicopters DLC.

  • fixed: Transparent zone when first creating a zone.

  • fixed: Access rights module duplicate MCC and didn’t work for admins.

  • fixed: Cache will no longer by default on when spawning units not in zone.

  • fixed: Mission Generator caching and delayed spawning by always on - set if you want it on or off from Spawn menu.

  • fixed: Cover only worked when enabling cover UI.

  • fixed: Cover sitting animation get stuck.

  • fixed: Atmosphere brushes fog disappear.

  • fixed: Tauro helicopter not able to sling load after attaching a pod.

  • Fixed: Some UI text that wasn’t scalable with changing interface size - still it is recommended to use MCC with interface size - small.

  • Changed: Cover module changed to Mechanic module so you can define more MCC players’ mechanics there

  • Changed: MCC GAIA settings module include skill for AI from 0-1 instead of rookie/med/veteran

  • Changed: MCC interaction key while close to vehicle will quickly get you inside empty position in the vehicle (driver first) while holding the interaction will
    let you choose where you want to mount the vehicle.

  • Changed: Limited the draggable object weight to 500 k/g

  • Changed: Artillery spread for Commander Console: "PRECISE" = 5m, "TIGHT"=50m, "SCATTERED" =100m, "WIDE" = 150[/spoiler]


In b4 AGM is removed.


AGM is never going to be replaced. Well, just maybe by CSE. In any case, I don’t like where MCC is heading, seems to me (from very limited perspective) they’re going into something they shouldn’t. They’re trying to be everything (AGM/CSE and TFAR/ACRE, and AI script, and…). I’m just afraid they’re going to waste time and effort on wrong things, while there is still room for improvement in features they were already offering.

I agree, MCC had a very specific niche / job to fill that still needs a lot of work and polish. They already branched out quite a bit with this whole SWAT and Interaction stuff which is kinda neat, but ultimately not why we use MCC. Adding more and more extra functions that are not as good as competitors will spread the butter too thin.

You guys are right, but I’m not a big fan of AGM. On the other hand, AGM just got an update an hour ago

Once again, couple of very useful changes in newly released r13 version.

Most useful are going to be:

  • Added: Save to MCC (profile or clipboard) will save missions’ settings.
  • Fixed: MCC’s interaction was working by default in the mod version - now requires to be turned on from the settings module.
  • Fixed: Combo box pictures in MCC and VAS listbox appears black.

[spoiler=changelog - r13]Engine:

  • Added: MCC Zeus will automatically detect and load addons.
  • Added: "Don’t show in the future" option for the EOD and SF messages.
  • Added: Save to MCC (profile or clipboard) will save missions’ settings.
  • Added: Unlock all doors brush.
  • Added: MCC Templates to AiA maps.
  • Fixed: Restricting MCC access via Access Module or via inidb server_misc file didn’t worked well.
  • Fixed: After respawning player stuck inside the start location building.
  • Fixed: Game crush after key binds.
  • Fixed: Combo box pictures in MCC and VAS listbox appears black.
  • Fixed: Respawning without weapons.
  • Fixed: Ambush group arrow directing was 90 degrees off.
  • Fixed: "Add Cargo Units" and "Add Crew (UAV)" vehicle’s presets run on all clients instead of only on the server
  • Fixed: Airdrop run on all clients instead only on the server - duplicated air drops.
  • Fixed: While spawning a group of vehicles AI switching vehicles and disembarking
  • Added: Attaching explosives charges and satchels to vehicles while using the MCC’s weapons key binds - press left mouse button while holding the explosives and close to a vehicle.
  • Fixed: Disabling MCC’s interaction doesn’t disable MCC self interaction.
  • Fixed: MCC’s interaction was working by default in the mod version - now requires to be turned on from the settings module.
  • Fixed: MCC’s door breaching charges where not placed close enough to the door.
  • changed: Alternate action (cycling between grenades throws or detonating explosives) changed to use default action key - by default middle mouse button.
  • Added: Access the MCC’s artillery computer from any artillery piece that have computer enable in it’s config by using MCC’s interaction key while inside.
  • Fixed: Laser designated artillery in the commander console didn’t worked well.
  • Added: Evac helicopter can be edited with Zeus so you can make it invincible.
    Medical system:
  • Added:MCC Medical items box
  • Added: MCC Tactical items box
  • Added: MCC Misc items box
  • Changed: While unconscious- "time remains" text has been changed to blood pressure bar.
  • Fixed: Sometimes player stay standing while unconscious.[/spoiler]

[justify]Yep, I caught the latest video by ShayGman this morning on Youtube. Unfortunately he still hasn’t touched weather sync and the button that disables respawns. However, I am glad that mission settings now save onto the clip board. I’ll be doing some testing over the weekend and then post onto the BIS MCC forum to push these issues again. I don’t mind that the weather doesn’t currently sync perfectly with JIP (although that’d be cool) but what I really need is the ability to make that entire function optional. Similar to how most of his functions are modular.[/justify]

As one of the developers of MCC I feel like some sort of comments on the above should be made :slight_smile: Some choices of "why" should be explained by that. That doesn’t mean you have to agree on it .

I skip a lot of info and go straight on to the MANW competition, that had the biggest external influence on MCC since it saw its first light years ago. So why did we (or in the start phase actually me) create MCC? I was the community lead (and founder) of a community that also marched into the "Shacktac way of play", including the manual. To play different missions with always the same structure was not an easy score, since we did not hold to many mission makers to feed the always hungry for more player base. There were some tools like Virtual Training Centre and some very early dynamic mission stuff going on but nothing that fitted our needs. So, we took the classic script UPS (Urban Patrol Script) and bombed that as the AI engine and started to create a user interface on that, that was even uglier then our first logo :stuck_out_tongue: Then a random start location and there it was. The very first MCC :slight_smile:

It was actualy called CO MCC USMC All Island Generator. (2009)

When the MANW-competition took of MCC was already there. That I mention to make clear that MCC is not a product created for MANW but was "accidentally" there when the competition started. After reading the requirements of the MANW it was clear that third-party content (even with approval) was not allowed or at the very least would create complicated issues when any price money would reach the team. This is when we decided to remove some functionality. One of them was the 3d spectating script. More functionality got stripped for the same (and only) reason.

200.000 Euro is a lot of money. Specialy if you need to devide that over two people. We were convinced that MCC did fit in the addon category or in the multiplayer section but would not fit in the Total Modification. We took of with some really cool idea’s to create a total different game-type/style. We started creating content that would not really fit into MCC’s initial goals but it was our best shot to reach our goal in a timely matter. That goal was to deliver MCC "as is" in the addon or multiplayer section and deliver something "new" in the total modication.

I agree fully on the above that some functionality does not fit in the origanal focus of MCC. Althoug some agree to differ :slight_smile: But because we decided that all functionality was optional, it seemed acceptable (though not desired, yes I know). To cut short, we did not finish our "new game" in time and to our very surprise was MCC accepted in the total modification part. MCC was not the only mod that surprised me in that. I really thought that expansions and mission generators did not fit in the total modification category. I was indeed expecting mods that totally changed the game and made it into something new. (like dayz)

So now the race of the competition is over, its time to focus back on what we want. That includes focus on the original goal of MCC. I am not yet sure how much time we both (want) to invest into MCC for now. But after 6 years of MCC its time to think over where you want to put your time. For now we go easy cruise. Development will be on the low end, but we will continue to bug fix. Doing more gaming holds my personal interest and we (me and Shay) hold idea’s to build our own game. So we are at the moment actually taking it slow and think about our future aim.

So there you have it, the background of MCC and its made choices. :slight_smile:

[justify]Thank you Spirit for taking the time to explain your thought process on the recent development of MCC. As you said the newly added modules are optional and that is why we didn’t jump on the hate bandwagon back when the new survival / SWAT stuff was added - I remember quite some backlash on BI forum.

In "private" on our forum most of us do share the view that we would like MCC to focus on its core functions and iron out some minor issues there (btw I still owe you a BI forum post bug report, kinda got swept under the rug, haven’t forgotten =) but in the end this is a mod made by dedicated and hard working people. That means you guys are completely free to take MCC in whatever direction you choose and the A3 community needs to be able to accept design choices that they might not want or feel they need.[/justify]

MCC devs released another update, not much changes but I think we might benefit from couple of them directly, and more later when we introduce Headless Client.

[quote name=“changelog - r14”]- Reworked on the SQL PDA

  • Fixed: Fortify on Headless client
  • Fixed: Vault animations weren’t global
  • Added: Paramater to disable MCC’s related action menu - "MCC_showActionKey" and an option in the MCC’s settings module.
  • Removed the weapon resting in MCC’s cover system as BI implemented it in Marksman DLC.[/quote]

Does this mean we won’t have to unbind the key for MCC action menus to avoid conflict with other mods?

MCC bugfixing is completely on hold until atleast the new content arrives. Anything fixed now can be broken again by the new content.

Spirit I hope you don’t take my comments seriously. I’m layman, I don’t know a thing about software development. When making such comments I’m only making them in context of our community and our usage of mentioned mods.

In no way do I want to imply any mod developer is not doing "enough" or at all for the Arma community.

I only hope arma didn’t break too many stuff for you guy, or other devs for that matter.

I was not even responding to comments,merely communicating status :slight_smile: In fact, I have not even read your comments yet :slight_smile:

ACE here we come!

[quote name=“Changelog rc15”]ACE compatibility
Open SQL PDA and Commander PDA from ACE - remove add actions.
MCC’s hostages will react to ACE restrained and escort.
MCC’s IEDs can be disarmed with ACE Defusal Kit.
MCC’s medical system will not start if ACE is on.
MCC’s in game UI will not be shown if ACE is on.
ACE Defusal Kit and ACE lockpicks will work as MCC’s multi-tool to unlock/lock doors.
Doors interaction exc breaching added to ACE self interaction menu while looking at a door.
MCC’s SQL commands added to to ACE self interaction menu.
MCC’s Interaction with civilians and enemy units moved to ACE main actions.
MCC’s artillery computer added to ACE actions while inside an artillery vehicle.
MCC’s ILS added to ACE actions while inside a fixed winged vehicle.
MCC’s Taru pod attach and drop pods options added to ACE actions while flying a Taru helicopter.
MCC’s logistics menu added to ACE actions while driving a MCC’s logistic truck.
MCC’s Request drop-off from AI driver added to ACE actions while insides a vehicle with AI driver.
Added: MCC’s door interaction will work on gates and added a "check door" state before you can pick the lock.
Ollem’s Spectator script reintroduced.
Fixed: MCC’s evac helicopter fast ropes.
Added: MCC’s evac helicopter will open ramps/doors before infil and close them after.[/quote]

Mostly ACE compatibility update, with some fixes to the MCC’s features. Nothing we will have practical use of, yet.

Long awaited update from MCC. Let’s see if the bugs were resolved or they just added a lot of new stuff.


  • Added: MCC’s Zeus will edit players.
  • Added: Custom MCC’s Zeus modules including: ** New Feature **
  • IED: turn any object/unit into an IED or suicide bomber.
  • CAS: Call MCC Close Air Support from Zeus.
  • Add units to Zeus: Automatically assign units/objects to Zeus so the mission maker can edit them.
  • Ambient AI and cars - Ambient AI and cars Module - Server side ambient. MCC will create AI units some in buildings, some patrolling, some driving cars and some parked cars in towns when players are around and delete them when no player is around.
  • Armed Civilians: Will transfer any friendly/natural unit into hostile unit with concealed weapons. Armed units will attack other units from the enemy faction while they have the chance.
  • Atmosphere: Instantly create sandstorms, blizzards and Heat Waves.
  • CAS: Call MCC close air support from Zeus.
  • Damage Part: Damage any part of vehicle/unit you want and add explosion effects to keep it real.
  • Lock/Unlock doors: Lock or unlock all doors in the area.
  • Evac Vehicle: Make any vehicle serve as an evac vehicle under the players’ commander command.
  • Garrison: Spawn units in houses in the given radius.
  • IED/Suicide Bomber: Turn any object/vehicle/unit into an IED or suicide bomber.
  • Night Effect: Destroy all lights, remove night visions and add flashlights to nearby AI or players.
  • War Zone: Destroy buildings, spread wrecks and fires in the given radius.
  • Vehicle’s Kiosk: Players can purchase vehicles from them using in game resources.
  • Changed: While in Zeus hold Shift and double click a unit to open Zeus’s default attributes.
    MCC Campaign: ** New Feature **
  • MCC campaign can be activated from Zeus or from the 2D editor module. It is recommended to activate MCC role selection, have at least one H.Q MCC’s Start location, some vehicle kiosks and activate ambient civilians.
    In the campaign MCC will keep on generating new mission when the players have completed the previous one. Each mission will be generated close to the previous one and MCC will create an advancing feel for the mission. Once the players have finished a mission in an area this area will be marked by the side color and it should be relatively safe. By successfully finishing a mission the players will be awarded with resources (minus collateral damage that the players inflicted such as killing civilians) The players’ commander will receive random special bonus for each successful mission such as supply drops, CAS exc.
    Each in game day the players will gain extra tickets if they performed well, the evac vehicle will respawn and the weather will change. Furthermore enemy forces might start actively perusing the players if the player have inflicted enough damage to the enemy.
    Evac Vehicle:
  • Added: Evac vehicle module - sets evac vehicles from 2D editor or Zeus.
  • Added: Campaign evac param - campaign evac’s vehicles will repspawn every one ingame time.
  • Added: Atmosphere module - sets sandstorms, blizzards exc from the 2D editor or Zeus.
    IED/Armed Civilians/Suicide Bombers
  • Added: IED/Suicide Bombers module - add IEDs or suicide bombers from the 2D editor or Zeus.
  • Added: Armed Civilians module - add Armed Civilians from the 2D editor or Zeus.
    Mission Wizard:
  • Fixed: Non precise objectives’ markers in the missions wizard where pretty precise.
  • Changed: Mission Wizard will try to spawn on HC if available.
    Supply Drop:
  • Added: Supply drop - added slingload insertion.
    Role Selection:
  • Added: In Role Selection players can change kits without respawning in any FOB/HQ - can be turned off from the MCC setting module or setting "MCC_allowChangingKits = false".
  • Fixed: Player stuck in parachute animation after respawning from the squad selection
  • Fixed: Level up duplicated messaged in role selection.
  • Changed: Massive work on role selection, improved UI and functionality
  • Added: Players can now resupply (refresh ammo, bandages exc) from ammobox (MCC logistics) - support ACE medical system.
  • Added: Players can now breakdown resource crates into items that they can carry in their backpacks and return to HQ or use.
  • Added: Main shared cargo box to FOB.
  • Simplified: Logistics dialog.
  • Changed: MCC logistics reduced the amount of needed resource crates for building assets.
  • Added: Weather over time slider to the Change Weather in MCC.
  • Fixed: MCC didn’t work with ACE weather
  • Disabled: MCC weather sync when ACE is on
  • Added: ACE support for survival - players can search loot using the ACE’s self interaction key while close to a lootable object.
  • Changed: If survival and Role selection are on players won’t be able to change kits unless they respawned to prevent exploit by changing kits to gain resources.
  • Added: A complete workout on the RTS elements of MCC.
  • Added: Workshops can outfit civilians offroads with MG.
  • Added: Workshops will repair vehicles for free.
  • Added: Players can purchase vehicles from workshops (need resources and electricity): Cars from advanced workshop, Tanks and APC from mechanical workshop and helicopters from ariel workshop.
  • Added: Commander can call Random resource gathering missions every real time hour from HQ - Resource gathering mission are easier side missions that yield resource crates.
  • Added: Radio post give access advanced resource gathering missions.
  • Added: Resources module to 2D editor and Zeus - sets the initial resources for each side.
  • Added: Support CBA keybinds if player is running CBA
  • Added: Dynamic dialog function to easly create dialogs - learn more in the functions library
  • Added: Vehicle’s Kiosk’s Module - Players can purchase vehicles from them using in game resources.
  • Added: Ambient AI and cars Module - Server side ambient. MCC will create AI units some in buildings, some patrolling, some driving cars and some parked cars in towns when players are around and delete them when no player is around.
  • Changed: MCC garrison units will have units patrolling buildings
  • Improved: Loading time while changing factions in MCC.
  • Fixed: MCC stays on login screen after a player successfully logged in.
  • Fixed: Player can escape unconscious dialog in MCC medic system by opening the squad dialog
  • fixed: Objects names placed in 3D editor didn’t saved to sqm.
  • Fixed: Each side’s commander will have only his sides evac vehicles
  • Fixed: MCC Settings didn’t stick after changing them[/spoiler]

Mostly new stuff, not much for fixes.

  • Fixed: MCC didn’t work with ACE weather
  • Disabled: MCC weather sync when ACE is on

I’ll test it on the server but I’ll keep a backup of our current MCC, juuuuuuuuuust in case. :thumb:

Version r18 got released, and there is one really interesting feature. Unfortunately I don’t see us using it. In general, they seem to continue trying to cover features other mods do much better.

[spoiler=r18 change log]-= New IED Mini Game =-

  • Added: Mini-game IED disarm, as shown in "keep talking and nobody explodes" game. Mini-game IED | MCCSandbox Wiki | Fandom
    -= New Sectors Modules =-
  • Added: Resources capture zones. Capture Zone | MCCSandbox Wiki | Fandom
    -= New Survival system =-
  • Added: Survival system. Survive mod | MCCSandbox Wiki | Fandom
    -= Reworked Fame System =-
  • Added: Fame system for purchasing vehicles from kiosks (RTS). Players need to gain enough fame to be able to take global resources to buy vehicles. Commander can still spawn as many vehicle as he want to without the need to gain fame.
  • Added: Vault items will be persistent from mission to mission (if iniDB is running on the server) .
  • Changed: Fame system, player gain fame by depositing materials, weapons and magazines in the vault when survival mod is and from killing enemies, leading, healing exc.
  • Changed: The vault (shared box) will only be available when survival mod is on
  • Fixed: MCC survival option "Search" enabled on ACE even when survival mode disabled.
  • Fixed: Popup error when opening the shared HQ box - vault.
    -= VON Radio System =-
  • Reduce overlay sounds.
  • Side channel is enabled for side commanders only.
  • Microphone abusing ends in kicking the player not killing him.
    -= Misc =-
  • Added: Can use MCC interaction while ACE is on - just don’t forget to bind it to another key.
  • Added: New Module: vehicle respawn - apparently BI module doesn’t really work.
  • Added: No ambient spawn module - prevent ambient AI units spawn to spawn around the module in a specific radius.
  • Added: Snow weather effect to MCC atmospheres.
  • Added: MCC ammo boxes, medic boxes, supply crates & pods (logistics) to Zeus.
  • Added: MCC items (medic survival exc) add to BI arsenal.
  • Added: Can attach chemlights and IR strobes using MCC self interaction.
  • Added: MCC survival will work without iniDBI mod but items will not be persistent between missions or server restart.
  • Added: Easy to configure survival loot place holders objects and items spawn chance and amount in them via missions config files.
  • Changed: MCC Mission Generator - disable IED mission will use the disarm minigame and changed the IED type to the military device.
  • Changed: ILS Available to all air vehicles.
  • Changed: When placing IEDs MCC will not close the 3d editor so you can place multiple IEDs.
  • Changed: Mild hijacked unit’s blur effect.
  • Fixed: Players move to spectator on JIP - Thanks BrightCandle
  • Fixed: Not enough AI spawns in buildings in CQB missions generated by the Mission Generator.
  • Fixed: GAIA doesn’t recognize mod vehicles such as RHS helicopters
  • Fixed: Double click WP in the commander console didn’t work
  • Fixed: Quick weapon (Shift +1 … Shift + 4) select always on
  • Fixed: While playing with CBA you’ll no longer see the change MCC keys - thanks to Sargken.
  • Fixed: After a campaign mission has been finished MCC will not delete manned players’ vehicles or FOBs.
  • Fixed: Starting with default gear after respawn when Role Selection is on.
  • Fixed: Teleporting boats on water teleported the vehicle to map corner.
  • Fixed: Lock/unlock door typo[/spoiler]

Interesting stuff I’ve noticed:
Added: Mini-game IED disarm, as shown in "keep talking and nobody explodes" game.
Fixed: While playing with CBA you’ll no longer see the change MCC keys - thanks to Sargken.

Okay, the bomb disarming is pretty baller. I’d love to see that in game.

After watching the keep talking part in action…oh man, I’d definitely love to see it on a mission. I can imagine the other guys holding security after assaulting a base with a huge bomb device. The EOD team sent in died on the way. They are cut off, so over the radio, the EOD back up has to talk the soldiers on the ground through disarming while enemy forces continue to try and retake the base.

EDIT: This was my 1000th post, lol.

[justify]First, we have to see if they finally bothered to fix the base mod functions they broke since r13 and never got around fixing again because they keep adding new stuff. :dizzy:[/justify]