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Hey guys

Spirit announced his return to MCC development and thus finally GAIA will receive some much needed polish and love.

He’s asked for inputs and ideas for GAIA functionality. If you have an idea you’d like to share I recommend posting on the BIS forum thread.

GAIA - the one thing that stops a GM from pulling his hair out in frustration

Building search and clear points would be the only thing…I’d love to be able to set a zone and give the AI a demeanor to breach and clear by teams each building in the area. I’ve seen other mods that can do it, but if it were in MCC by default, I’d be happy.

[justify]I’ve been posting a couple of suggestions / feedbacks to the MCC BIS thread. If you guys like what you read please consider leaving a "like" on these BIS forum posts to add a bit more weight.[/justify]