Marksmen DLC

[justify]Hey guys,

Found this vid and thought I’d share it in the public forums. It shows us some dev build footage of the upcoming Marksmen DLC. As always all footage is possibly subject to change, so take it with a grain of salt.[/justify]


I very much like how new recoil system work. Looks much more realistic, don’t know if it actually is. However I must say I’m sceptical about weapon resting. I agree it’s very nice to have it pretty much automated without having to have yet another key bound for that action, but. But I wouldn’t like to loose the option to rest my weapon on vertical surfaces as well. While I can agree it’s not the same level of precission, but I still think that option should be available, and I’d rather have 578+1 keybind and "agm weapon resting" than 578 and vanilla weapon resting if that is the case.

Nice Post the new DLC looks awesome, love that auto rest system and recoil system.

I wish there will be some indicator for when it’s rested.

There will be, that’s one of the most-request things in the dev forums. :slight_smile:

[justify]The one thing that rubbed me the wrong way is that the video doesn’t mention TMRs weapon resting as the inspiration for BIS resting system. But then again it’s not an official Bohemia video, so I probably shouldn’t be that nitpicky.

Having a fail save button to manually engage the resting feature if the auto detection fails could be very useful indeed, especially for PvP where these errors can quickly spell death.[/justify]

That looks pretty awesome, not only the weapon handling but also the sounds of the F2000, it sounds way more realistic than before

Sounds very good, but like Ryujin mentioned, without vertical resting it’s incomplete, let’s hope it works with AGM too
(possible conflicts ?)

Bohemia just made a massive announcement!
They are releasing Marksmen DLC Alpha - to test new gamemode.

More info on: Marksmen MP Public Alpha | Arma 3 | Official Website

This Saturday March 7th, starting at 17:00 UTC, Bohemia Interactive will be hosting an exclusive First Look Livestream for its upcoming Arma 3 Marksmen DLC

Details here:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to quickly share the one hour live stream on the new DLC by BIS:


I had a feeling they would add a new bipod slot

Release date!

BI just released a summary of what new DLC brings on the table.

Release tomorrow. You hyped guys? :smiley:

Splendid indeed.

Singleplayer+Multiplayer Showcases… They need more well-made Multiplayer missions, people love to COOP.

I hope they fix the gun sounds by the DLC release…

-EDIT: 5:45 of the second video… :OOOOO New CQB animations incoming?

I’m so sad. As soon as I heard about this and then that Ace3 will be coming out shortly afterwords, I have been like a kid waiting for christmas!

So sad… :rollseyes:

Giant downloads incoming?

No worries Goat.
Tried it on the experimental branch few days ago, patch from vanilla to there was 1.34 gb.

Merged 4 different Marksmen DLC threads into one.


I didn’t even realize this was touched! Sweet!