Make Arma Not War - Winners!

Here are the winners of Make Arma Not War contest.


TBH I disagree for RHS being "total modification" and that "heli rescue" being better than AGM.

Anyway - congratz to the winners!

[justify]I’m a bit peeved that the makers of MCC didn’t receive a dime for their years of hard work in A2 and A3 after BIS quasi lifted their 3D editor and turned it into Zeus. They would have earned the 2nd or 3rd price in the addon section.[/justify]

Yeah, to be honest the competition was very mild and a little disappointing. Half the winners were old mods that existed months before MANW was even announced and the other half were people who got lucky that there was little competition.

What did we get out of MANW that can actually be used in a COOP/PVP community?

[justify]Guess this was more meant as an incentive and celebration of modders and maybe it worked. But as we’ve seen with the creator of ACRE2 it can also have a demotivating effect when the BI judges choose one communication mod over another. While currently I still prefer TFAR I also acknowledge that TFAR had a massive head start in development time.[/justify]

I have absolutely no beef with that, TFAR deserves that win hands down. I think ACRE2 devs frustration is illegitimate. Their project is a realistic radio simulation, catering to a specific group of people while the majority of players don’t care about any of that. TFAR is TeamSpeak++, exactly what most players need.

I’m thinking one of the main issues with ARMA modding is how limited you are by the engine, regardless of how awesome your mod could/should be. Modders have to work through too many hurdles to get something out that isn’t garbage, maybe that’s why even the winning mods aren’t fully polished.

surprised me. I really thought for addons they would have at least one weapon pack