Lost in translation?

Hi Everyone!

I’m introducing myself prior to acceptance of my application just in case my papers got lost :anxious:
A bit about myself: I’m Portuguese, currently in Poland - passionate about Aviation (flying extensively in DCS and in RL too) and military in general.
I have been familiar with the Arma series since the beginning and i’m looking to move from shooter to a serious mil-sim experience. I looked around and taking into account all that i gathered, all roads are leading here - so I’m not prepared to easily take no for an answer :-p
Looking forward to hear from you!

Hey Louras, your "papers" didn’t get lost :slight_smile: You should recieve a reply soon.
However I must inform you that we are not a serious mil-sim community.
We’re more relaxed and casual, so I advise you to check out some youtube videos of our members to get a better image.


I agree with Abuk … however we are kind of serious in game-play manners!


have a look :smiley:

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