Logo research for Star Citizen

Quick post I’d like to share with you lads.
Been doing some stuff (For a StarCitizen guide I’m working on) so I made a StarCitizen’ish CNTO logo and for fun put our color scheme.

Thoughts ?

It’s nice, but I would either make the wings more conventional or stretch out the chevron a bit. I’d like to see some texture in there for the wings

I second price. I like the direction in which you were going, but I’m sure you can do it even better.

A few thoughts:

As Price mentions the wings bleed into the chevrons in a slightly unusual way, they should be harmonised or kept as separate distinct elements.

I’d consider whether the second colour adds much, I’m personally a big fan of a single colour "ink stamp" style mark.

It’s unequally busy and clean. What I mean is that certain parts feel like their a busy design while others feel like their a clean design. The owl face and the layers of overlapping circle arcs are busy. While the chevrons and owl body are clean. I’d try and make it more uniformly one or the other, or have a single focused hero busy element within a clean design.

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