Little TS tweak that you can do[with right hardware]

I recently tried push-to-talk on TS but its not good in certain situations and sometimes I want to change back to voice detection. But changing that in middle of mission is not very practical, at least not when you are under fire[and when you are talking about spotted enemies and after few minutes realizing you have push-to-talk now and not voice detection anymore, so nobody heard you].

And here comes my little tweak I found out about. If you have a programmable keyboard[not razer synapse], you can set on your keyboard for some keys to either as toggle where you press it once for it to be always active until you press it again[like caps lock, num lock, scroll lock] or lockable where key behaves normal with normal press but upon double tap, the key toggles. This combined with push-to-talk and voice detection at the same time creates a great way for you to choose on the fly whether you want to use push to talk or for longer period, double tap and use voice detection.

I personally achieved this with Easy AVR[compatibility and tool itself can be found here] but you might have to use something else as TMK[ link ] or QMK[derivative of TMK link]

Of course, this wont work with your 5eur HP keyboard.

This is a cool little tweak :slight_smile:

You don’t need a programmable keyboard for this, if you go to the hotkey settings in TS options you can add hotkeys to toggle capture profiles. You just need to create a couple of profiles in the "capture" menu, I have one each for voice activation, continuous transmission, and PTT as my default. I then just use one keybind to toggle between default/voice activation and another between default/continuous.

EDIT: for anyone looking, you can bind the toggle capture profile hotkey from the "Advanced Actions" section of the hotkey setup dialog, under Self>Capture profile>Toggle capture profile

So now people know that when you can hear someone mashing on his mechanical keyboard that shit has hit the fan

[justify]Really depends on the mechanical keyboard. Friend of mine has an MX cherry with blue switches. Those things are super noisy even when typing rather softly. One more reason why I prefer MX cherry red switches, no tactile "click".[/justify]

i knew im going to miss something so simple. well, thats another way to do it :slight_smile: but thats not kewl enough

it depends, mostly on pcb and controller[about the programability part] and then the switches themselves. which there are several options, not just type but also company that produces them. and then there are thing like teckeys cards with 3-6 switches, just for shizzle to mess around with the firmware

EDIT: a little bird said planck will be available again through groupbuy on massdrop and you can choose from various switches, even the exotic zealio for you fealio