Little question for you guys .

Witch one of these helicopter is the fastest ?

  1. AH-64 Apache

    2.Boeing CH-47 Chinook

    3.UH-60 Black Hawk

[spoiler=Click here for the right anwser after your comment below]It’s the Chinook with a max speed of 300 km/h, while the AH-64 top at 293 km/h and the UH-60 at 294 km/h surprised ? [/spoiler]

The CH-47. Why you ask? Cuz it’s majestic as fuck

Follow up question : Which one can manoeuvre the best.

What makes me most surprised is that boeing made the Chinook?

Well the chinook has two huge rotors and even has jet engines on the side.

yeah, black hawk is the odd one out!

May not have understood what you said but the BlackHawk is actually faster than the Apache .

The Blackhawk is made by Sikorsky while the Chinook and Apache are made by Boeing :geek:

Chinook Baby its a BEAST also sounds amazing but might be deaf after several exposures :dizzy: