Little debrief about the RHS testing of 02/11/2014

Hey guys wanted to make a quick debrief about what’s coming up for CNTO,
for you guys who couldn’t get here for testing .
So I fought it would be a good idea to give you guys some screenshots so down in the comment you could give us your feedback, and what you think about it .

First things first the camos .

I personnaly think they look awesome, maybe more realistic than the previous ones, and prevent blue on blue fire, since they are so differant than the others (Come with two varient)

Here are the (APCs I guess) that we are mostly going to use,

They sound awesome, and you can fit a full squad on the back.

The interiors don’t have as much as details than the russian pack (I’ve heard that the Us pack got rushed out should be fixed and get better soon)

Next to comes are these humvees .
They comes with 2 camos (Desert/Forest) and a lot’s of varient

These got some animation, doors open and close when driver/co-pilot get in and out, and they feel realy good about the driving part . (Sound pretty cool too)

Tanks looks great as well,

The best part is that you got the main gunner AND two more top (.50 cal/12.7 I guess) gunner who are able to provide cover on 360° .

And it make a hell of a noise :slight_smile: Just if you guys wonder .

Flashbang testing

Realy surprising, lost 80% of my right hear capacity for like 2 minutes (IRL), dosen’t seems that it got any effect on IA but should be realy awesome for pvp.

Then comes the chopper,
I got lucky and have been able to fly that beast

I’ll say that it’s realy fun to flight, heavy but not as much as the chinook .
Miniguns make the best and most scary sounds on earth .

About the weaponary, we had those new M4’s for testing

I fought that even if they had a bit less details on it (textures), I kinda prefer those for some reason, and realy want to try those on Op’s .

That’s it about the Us part or at least what I fought was the most interresting.
If you guys want some more details or want to see the Russian RHS mod you can go check here :
Us -> RHS: Escalation - United States Armed Forces - ArmA 3 Mod - YouTube
Russian ->RHS: Escalation - Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - ArmA 3 Mod - YouTube

Have a good times guys, Tiloup Out .

Yup, it was fun playing with new toys. I must correct Tiloup though, M2A2 IFV (Bradley) can fit 6 pasangers meaning one Fireteam. M1A1 Tank (Abrams) has an extra slot for loader, meaning you can have commander and loader turn out and use their .50 cal machineguns. Loader can’t do much unless he’s turned out, so I doubt we will have that many people fighting for that position, so we might not even use it.