Hi all, there’s a new mission on the server (named “CN_liberation” on Altis). Liberation is a persistent coop CTI (capture the island) campaign. I’ve edited the mission to include RHS assets (for blufor at least, I can include it on opfor if demand is high) and it now works with ACRE. The mission has zones you have to capture for resources, and dynamically spawns AI to defend them based on the number of players. For more info on the mission, see the in-mission “how to play” section.

Hopefully this makes mini-ops easier, whenever you guys feel the arma itch you should be able to jump on and get straight into action. The mission does work with just one player; you can spawn AI squadmates or entire squads to command through zeus. I’d imagine it’s probably best with 3+ players though.

I’d like to know how it works with larger player counts, so I’ve set up a doodle poll to work out when we can get the best numbers, sign up for whatever approx. timings work for you.

Hope you guys enjoy the mission, let me know here if there are any problems with it, or feature requests and I’ll see what I can do. If you guys like it I can work on porting the mission to other maps or adding custom scripts.

Nice, did you check maybe if the mission state has been preserved?

I know you can end the mission and restart where you left off, since our save persisted over the server update, I don’t know if it pauses stuff like side missions while no one is connected, I could maybe set up a way to end the mission while no one is connected if it doesn’t.

Probably uses server-side profileNamespace to store the progress. Make sure nobody wipes it accidentally. :slight_smile: Should be in some Arma3.SavedVars or so in the server profile folder.

We’ve been busy and took bits of Northwest Altis. CSAT is still grouping up for the counterattack.

I enjoyed the Liberation Mini-Op last night.

It took very long though, to get everyone’s loadout straight in the beginning.
For those, who don’t have good loadouts saved in Arsenal yet, it might be useful, if there was a script that lets you get a decent equipment with a single click.

As yesterday we basically used cnto standard gear, we might just get rid of the arsenal and replace the current units with CNTO US units.
No arsenal would also (imo) make it more cnto style, where we have to loot for better support weapons (AT etc)
Maybe also have the supply crate be our own supply crate?
Using the carl gustav as MAT should be good enough to counter everything right?
We only have to figure out what to do with AA.
Also, the HALO jump seems OP, we can do our own jumps with air transport (and have unlimited amount of parachutes in a crate next to the helipad)

Personally I would like to see these changes, as it more suits our CNTO standards gameplay style.
I would maybe go as far with saying that it then has enough requirements to use it as an official campaign :?
Offc on the techical part some things werent initialized properly; but thats probably fixable.

P.S. if you havent noticed already, I quite like the mission.
It reminds me of the good old BECTI but now coop only!

It should be easy enough to set the default loadout to be one of our standard loadouts e.g. rifleman AT, it’s probably also fairly easy to add a script that lets you choose from preexisting AR/FTL loadouts

@Xander, that all sounds good for larger scale ops, but I’m concerned it might make things difficult for miniops when there are only 3-4 players on. Maybe a good solution would be to have two copies of the mission (maybe using a different progress file?), so that one has features like arsenal, respawn on MHQ or HALO etc enabled, and the other has a more hardcore ruleset that’s appropriate for proper OPs?

Looks good! We can try it one day this month on a official op, and if people like it, it will take some pressure off mission making :thumb:

In case somebody decides to go this route, setUnitLoadout can now take a class name, so you can ie.

player setUnitLoadout "cnto_us_ft_tl"

if that doesn’t work, try

player setUnitLoadout getUnitLoadout "cnto_us_ft_tl"

and if that doesn’t work, then you need to wait for Arma v1.68. :slight_smile:
(I don’t see it documented on the wiki, but it 100% had the functionality on dev branch when I tested it some time ago.)

edit: From September 2016 changelog,

so probably

Guys … i don’t know if it’s "Liberation" related but i was unable to change ACRE Volume of Radio Transition yesterday!
Anyone else with the same issue?

Just remember I had some feeback for this !

Mission is already great and Xerses did some awesome work here. It is quite fun the way it is now but it feels too "sandboxy". Since we are kinda figuring out how everything works I’ll post some feedback:

I think that:

-Arsenal should either be restricted to main base or removed entirely. Having access to arsenal in FOBs close to enemy positions is unfair as well as unrealistic (you can just spam rockets or build stuff from backpacks, etc Also since there is a resource system, having access to infinite ammo on the ground is a bit contradictory)

-Being able to respawn so close and so quickly is also a bit annoying. It feels like being killed doesn’t matter since you can just get back in the fight (with full loadout) a few secondes later.

-I’d like to know if there is a way to be Zeus commander on the enemy side. Being able to micro manage the enemy (give orders or take control, etc.) but not to build stuff or spawn units (or any kind of power like thunderbolt) as well as having his vision restricted so he does not see BLUFOR icons etc. This could provide a (more) challenging AI as well as some zeus experience.

Those are just a few ideas to try and make Liberation more organised overall rather than sandbox, but I say again I already enjoy the mission a lot. I don’t know what everyone wants this mission to become

Okay, so based on the feedback so far, I’ve got a short list of things to do, in the order I’ll look into them:

  1. Disable HALO jumps/respawning on the mobile respawn
  2. Disable the arsenal, replace the menu with a choice of CNTO default gear (and replace arsenal crate with our standard resupply crate)
  3. Disable respawning at a FOB that has enemy nearby
  4. Look into having an OPFOR zeus/GM

1 and 2 seem fairly doable, 3 and 4 might take a bit more work since I’m not familiar with SQF at all, what does everyone think of these?

I’ve also got a few thoughts of my own:

  • Change the way fuel works so that it accumulates over time up to a limit, to make losing vehicles more punishing, as it is, losing an unarmed vehicle costs us nothing.

  • Enable some kind of override that lets the admin spawn units/vehicles or edit resource parameters, to fix any bugs.

  • Change the day/night cycle (there are mission parameters that let you set the length of a day, and also the ℅ of time it is night) - I’d like to hear what everyone thinks about this, I don’t mind night ops, but I know some people dislike them, and night does seem to come around quite often.

I think the biggest problem is still performance - if some people keep crashing every 15 minutes and if the massive FPS drops happen every few minutes and/or whenever somebody connects/disconnects, it may not be worth developing the mission further beyond what it is now.

Fair point, it’s just that I haven’t encountered the problem at all and I don’t really have solid numbers on who it happens to / how often. Once I’m home I’ll put a screenshot of my a3sync profile up and anyone that has these problems can let me know if they have any settings different, it does seem to affect some players exclusively, which is strange (to me)

At this moment I’d have to agree with Freghars post, after last fridays op, when loading the liberation mission my arma crashed instantly. The whole evening was good but when this mission started it became buggy again with memory (dx11 out of memory) crashes.
I tried to fix it with setting my maxVRAM correctly, but it didnt help.

Lets hope the original mission makers will update the mission to fix whatever causes the crashes.
If the memory problem is fixed and the suggested features, I would love to play this as an official mission with 25+ people!

Which malloc are you using? can you try it without one set?

Ive got some questions about the AI and persistence.

  1. Does the AI counterattack, and attempt to take zones back?
  2. Are there random AI patrols/convoys/air patrols in the opfor-controlled territory?
  3. If you remove arsenal (which I don’t recommend), will there be some sort of currency system (for lack of a better word)? E.G. one trip into Arsenal will cost X faction/personal resources? (this would leave the option of being stuck with no loadout and no resources, but that can be remedied by providing a free basic loadout.)
  4. Are there any large/special zones the capture of which would give crapload of resources, but would also contain a crapload of enemy units?

If the answer to any of the questions is no, consider them suggestions. Overall the map is great. Had a lot of fun, hope this project develops further :slight_smile: … Sort of… Large-scale invade and annex.

Love this. Only thing needed imo is a cooldown on spawning on mobile respawn point, since its easy to cheese hard base missions solo.