Liberation of Drimea - part 2

[justify]Hey guys

As announced feel free to post suggestions here of what kind of friendly elements you would like to see / have access to in the second part of Liberation of Drimea.[/justify]

Jet !

Thing that make the blowey uppey

Preferably flown by a human or used by Command via Zeus?

I was thinking it might be cool to have some kind of artillery barrage to soften the defences just before we move across the line, I guess it’s not particularly hands on for us, but explosions are cool :slight_smile:

If we have anyone who is proficient with it and if we have the numbers, then human.

[justify]I could place an RHS mobile Artillery piece at base and fire a couple of shells within the AO. Could be cool! Just need to be careful as those rounds often just wipe out everything in a vast area.[/justify]

I’d love it if the mission picked right up the following morning where we left it. Limit what rearming and reinforcement our forces could get with the excuse that there is some major backlash offensive going down pulling resources elsewhere. The A-10 would be epic to have running flight missions every so often, but again say its also splitting duties between some other attack elsewhere so its not something that can be called in every second.
A HMG team would be cool, since the mission is the same about moving across the peninsula. It would make sense for them to issue that kind of weapon and have it be used to push the line forward.

Slightly off topic, but how did it go, did you seize the AO?

No. We took the northern side of the crossing, but were repelled cough cough slaughtered cough cough trying to take the low ground. We were forced back, where we held te line against 3-4 squads worth of counter attack.

Counterattack lead by Russian heavy armor and mechanized infantry, holding the line waiting between CAS runs as we target key vehicles and handle the infantry. Once we hold, we move in and target key positions, mopping up the rest of the enemy force.

I’d personally welcome a screwdriver. Instead of trying to hammer a screw like we did yesterday with regular infantry. The screw can be anything from a few JDAMs, mortars, HMGs, GMGs, manually placed Zeus artillery, … to the repair of the M113 we had or a dedicated sniper/spotter or specops team - anything better than "just keep pushing like Omaha beach!". :slight_smile:
(Although the daylight itself might be enough, I liked the idea of "resting" through the night ingame, it would allow people to get some real life "R&R" between intense combat // maybe next time.)

You can always have an amphibious assault to the other side of the peninsula

I agree with Goat, if we launch an amphibious assault to the other side of the peninsula we can try and trap the enemy forces in between our forces to the north and south, or at least divert some of the enemies away from our main forces to the north.

Get bravo to do the amphibious assault then and keep alpha fighting. But i would like jets and m113s more though.

Reading through this, wondering how much people want to actually play and how much people just want to watch shit blow up.
I say, give us a tough, step by step assault through the chokepoint. Last time we failed because it was night. That won’t happen now, and I’d appreciate a tough ‘every meter counts’ battle scenario.

Edit: I’m saying here that we don’t need, nor even really want, big massive machines of war.
We want to be down in the trenches, killing, struggling, dying, because that is ArmA. We don’t want to spot a fireteam, only to watch it shelled to oblivion before it could present any meaningful harm.
Having an MMG team here I would consider fine. I think that would make for a great experience for the MMG team, along with adding a good atmosphere…

But I would leave it at the MMG team.

Since next coop event is Friday, I wont be there. So you can disregard anything I said.

I think SL should get the commander pda which they do with mcc and then be given a limited amount of CAS, reinforcements etc to use during a massive defence would be quite nice and mcc items can be added like CAS an reinforcements and they work really well.

Calling in airborne reinforcements would be cool while in battle :slight_smile:

So nothing changes?

I quite like the idea of a "Support Element" team that doesn’t actually have any special equipment as default. Any special equipment will be placed on the ground or in a box at the start for them to pick up. The advantage of this is they will take care of their gear as they know they will not get an instant resupply if they die and get reinserted. It would also make mission makers not have to fill out the respawn gear script and save them time. With the particular piece of equipment being determined for the needs of the mission.

Equipment could be in the form of a fixed MG (which could be manually placed with init lines needed to remove thermal sights, so it is then taken down by the team), demolition charges, mortars (when we find a system that is realistic enough for us) or even just as a dedicated vehicle team with a repair kit.

I think a two member team set as engineers with M4s and a big packs with one having a vector and team leader radio would be best. Perhaps with their own SAT (Special Asset Team) map marker :slight_smile: