Liberation Campaign - PACIFIC WIND



Tanoan Republic has been run by a general Claude Pascal for 25 years now. His method of ruling are fierce and bloody. Political prisoners, assassinations of all political opposition is common thing on Tanoa. China is heavily influencing Tanoan Republic and is providing a bulk security force around the island with several Chinese bases.

NATO is interested in overthrowing Pascal due to proximity of Tanoa to China. It would be a coup to establish a military base for operations on South China Sea. To achieve the strategic objective, a secret task force Poseidon has been established with single purpose - topple general Pascal and establish NATO friendly democratic government. Operation will be deep in the water and all captured elements should not be identified as NATO operatives.

In the recent weeks, task force Poseidon has established several FOBs on the southern Tanoa and organized the force in the following structure:

  1. Headquarters element
  2. Logistical team callsign Keystone
  3. Special forces team callsign Shadow
  4. Infantry platoon made of 3 infantry squads, MMG team, MAT team and attached air support callsign Reaper.

The usage of specific elements follows.

Keystone is task organized to execute following preparation activities:

  • Gather supplies from friendly controlled areas.
  • Build new facilities as assigned by HQ.
  • Fortify the FOB.

Shadow is task organized to execute preparation activities:

  • Reconnaissance patrolling of objectives assigned by HQ.
  • Capturing radio towers as assigned by HQ.
  • Destroying enemy FOBs as assigned by HQ.
  • Executing Search and Rescue missions.
  • Capturing poorly defended villages.

Platoon is task organized to execute major missions like:

  • Capturing well defended villages.
  • Capture factory locations.
  • Capture enemy military base.
  • Capturing major city.

Use these elements to support the main effort of the infantry platoon.



Current situation on the ground shows enemy controlling half of WEST TANOA ISLAND which is our next objective.


Task Force Poseidon is to attack WEST TANOA ISLAND on Monday 16th of October 2000 CET IOT secure (N) flank.


Intent: WEST TANOA ISLAND seized.

Concept of operation (tentative):

Phase 1 - Task Force Poseidon is to seize LAIKORO and LAIKORO HELICOPTER SUPPLY BASE using Inf Plat with attached UAV, helicopter and armor section. Capturing the helicopter base will enable us to use A-164 Wipeout.

Phase 2 - Using combined arms, clear the (W) coast and encircling the EN in LEQA. Destroy the EN using all available firepower.

Preparation tasks for Shadow:

  1. Detailed reconnaissance of the LAIKORO area.
  2. Mine the EN supply rte TAVO - LAIKORO as first part of operation.
  3. Reconnoiter and eventually seize TAVU CAR PARTS.
  4. Execute search and rescue missions.

Preparation tasks for Keystone:

  1. Stock 3000 ammo, 3000 fuel and 3000 supplies by Sunday 15th.

Mission report: 11.09.2017
SITREP: TAVU CAR PARTS is now under friendly control.
SOF SHADOW suffered moderate, but acceptable losses. Goat was leading.
HQ/SUPPORT: Suffered heavy losses in equipment. UAV, UGV, 2x Attack Choppers were destroyed in enemy response. Obi was acting HQ.
AIRBASE BRAVO was attacked and lost the Scavenging Depot.

Enemy Alert Level is at 64%
Enemy dispatched 2x VTOL attack aircraft. 1 Was confrimed KIA by FOB Alpha defenders.

Suggested course to follow up: Search and Rescue Mission to build INTEL. FOB mission to lower response. Capture radio tower in AO, ASAP.

Others on Operation may contribute to this report below.

KEYSTONE: Priority tasking for the upcoming mission is as follows.
We require enough supplies, ammo, and fuel to prepare 1x Black Wasp Fighter and 2x Buzzard CAS birds to maintain air superiority and effective ANTI-Tank power.

HQ Requests 1 or 2 capable Jet Pilots for the operation.

Happy to Pilot either AA or AG planes.

Search and Rescue Operation: Both friendly Pilots recovered. Pilots were carrying INTEL on the location of an Enemy FOB being established to assist in the retaking of current Mission Island.
No casualties to report. No loss of Equipment.
HQ Action on INTEL: Phantom to engage FOB before complete establishment, thus diverting enemy focus back on the main Island (Lowering Alert).


FOB Search and Destroy: UAV Recon located the FOB. PHANTOM set out via speedboat to insert location. Recon of FOB showed light resistance. PHANTOM proceeded to attack under MORTAR and UAV overwatch. Attack was a major success. Enemy were alerted to the attack and sent in three+ squads and an armed vehicle to counter. PHANTOM was able to exfiltrate the AO, under fire, and regroup with OVERWATCH for extract via Speedboat.
No Casualties to report. No Loss of Equipment.
Mission was a success. Enemy alert levels against our operations now at ~38%.

Looking forward for some air superiority action. I’m better in AA than in AG.

I could jump in an AG Jet

::High Priority::
All Supply stocks currently at FOB Alpha need to be moved to FOB Bravo. Once this is completed, all Alpha Equipment needs to be recycled and the FOB needs to be repacked for relocation to the Northern Island to better prepare for the operation Monday.

A location for the relocation has not been selected. Please ask Highway, Obi, or Xerses before relocating the FOB.

Relocating Operations will be carried out soon. We will need trucks standing by to bring supply assets to the relocated FOB from Bravo when ready. Primary Defense order is AA emplacements with crew.

Mission Report from 14.10.2017:
Xerses and I did recon of Laikoro Helicopter Supply Base.

Note presence of 1x mechanized AA and 1x MBT!
Recon was done from the east (OP marker) only.

Some recon from Laikoro helicopter supply base:

Map view:

Northeastern side:

South/southwestern side:



Supplies moved to FOB ALPHA.
Mission completed.


This is an update of WARNO 001.

S: EN forces have dug in LAIKARO base.

EN: 1 Inf Sqd, 1 MBT, 1 AA

Fr: 1 Inf Tm, 2 M2A1, 1 UAV, 1 F/A 181

M: Task Force will seize LAIKARO helicopter base NLT 2230 16th Oct 2017 IOT secure (N) flank of operations.


Intent: LAIKARO seized.

[indent]CoO: 2 MBT M2A1 will ABF from pos (NE) of the base, supporting movement of 1 Inf Tm towards AP. 1 Inf Tm will use laser designation to mark AA for F/A 181. F/A 181 will destroy AA from distance using LGB. 1 Inf Tm will locate EN MBT and assist M2A1 Sect in destroying it. Finally, Inf Tm will clear the village with help from M2A1 Sect. UAV will monitor (S) flank of the task force.

After seizing OBJ, UAV and 1 Inf Tm will move (S) to recon the village LAIKARO and hasty ATK will proceed using M2A1 Sect and F/A-181 as FS.[/indent]


1 Inf Tm - Alpha, 2 M2A1 - Dagger, F/A-181 - Paladin

Feedback miniop 16/10

  1. Slotting up: follow standard procedure instead of just jumping in
  2. Recon more: scout out more objectives before engaging them and post reports on the form, perhaps even get a small plan
  3. More people in normal infantry squad instead of side groups
  4. platoon-leader is not a squad-leader aswell
  5. Use a default loadout instead of arsenal-loadouts
  6. Move productions menu to logistics
  7. Assign permissions to certain roles

Feedback miniop 16/10

  1. Slotting up: follow standard procedure instead of just jumping in
  2. Recon more: scout out more objectives before engaging them and post reports on the form
  3. More people in normal infantry squad instead of side groups
  4. platoon-leader is not a squad-leader aswell
  5. Use a default loadout instead of arsenal-loadouts

Sitrep 22/10

We completed the capture of the northern island on 19/10, in a combined arms operation. Our infantry conducted an amphibious assault on the radio tower at 019084, while allied mechanised forces attempted a diversionary attack on Leqa Reconnaissance Base.The infantry attacking the radio tower took heavy casualties when forces from the recon base deployed to defend the radio tower. However, this allowed our mechanised forces (supported by an A-164 wipeout) to capture the reconnaissance base, and eventually make a push on the radio tower. With the majority of enemy armour destroyed, and no radio tower available to coordinate enemy reinforcements, our infantry were free to assault the surrounding towns.

Next steps:
I think we should plan our next strategic moves, the consensus seems to be that we should move on the northwestern island next - other suggestions are welcome though. the perks of the NW island are as follows:

  • Smaller than the other islands, with less targets (11 vs 23 in SE). It should therefore be faster to capture
  • It has a good runway (~830m vs 720m in SE, 620m at FOB alpha) to allow us to more safely use jets
  • Several vehicle unlocks: V-44X blackfish, mk V SOC, A-149 Gryphon

Should we attack the NW island, we will need to decide where to land first, I’m tentatively suggesting the abandoned camp to the NE, it’s far from the other objectives and there’s some good space for us to set up a new FOB at either the vehicle range, or near hill 115.
Other potential first targets might be the abandoned port (good access to hill 150, but quite close to mainland), or Nani (closest to us, could do amphibious assault, well within mortar range)

Simple plan for attacking the abandoned camp might look something like this, we should do recon and make a more complete plan once we decide for sure where we want to go.

After action report 22/10

Abandoned Camp [F] and both radio towers captured.


2x A-164 Wipeout
2x MH6-M littlebird

Recommended follow up:

  • Increase intel through S&R missions
  • Decrease enemy awareness through FOB-bombing
  • Capture enemy Shooting Range

If you guys want to put together a mini op for Lib, Go for it!
Xerses you should be whitelisted for commander/HQ slot.