Let me introduce myself!

Hello guys, I’m Michele, 22 years old, living in Naples (Italy), Physics student. I’m an habitual player (4,5 nights per week), in the last 2 years I’have played mostly war simulators especially those where you can fly something (DCS, IL2, etc). I was an old Arma 2 player, I played couple years with an italian clan, when Arma 3 got out most of the clan stayed on Arma 2 but a couple of friends and me tried Arma 3 for few days before giving up for the huge quantities of bugs that we experienced and the lack of players to play with.
Last week I decided to give Arma 3 another try, I’m very happy with the results right now :), and I spent some time flying around and getting used again to the physics of the flight in arma( Luckily It’s not DCS hardcore level XD).
I’m a very social person, and I like to play and cooperate with other people so I went on the INTERNET in search for a clan meeting the requirements of simulation that I like and my time zone, basically you were the lucky ones XD.

Now it’s almost a week that I’m playing with you guys and I find it very entertaining and fun! Especially the ops after the trainings :).
Thanks for all the help and support received to setup my game to play with you and all the advices that I have received from you guys, see you in game!

P.S: I would be very interested in a flight training if u can organize one.

Welcome Bradipo! It’s always nice when new recruits introduce themselves. Shows that they’re interested in being a part of the community! You did good on last training and i’m looking forward to playing with you in a real operation and hopefully see you in the air sometime :wink:

Welcome Michele!

Glad you’d join, you’ll find the group entertaining, positive, and filled with humor!
Nice to see another IL-2 player, the BF-109/LA-7 were so OP :cool:
Death from above!

Hope to see you online soon!


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