Hello All,

I have been working on an Operation set on the Chernarus co-op map. I have saved it and it is ready to play if accepted by Officers. I have left room for more challenging scenarios or changes depending on attendance.


So NATO mainly American forces have been fighting CSAT forces on Chernarus for months after many hard won battles NATO had CSAT beaten until a charismatic CSAT SF Colonel Karl DRAGNOV rallied what was left of CSAT forces including some of his own SF. These remnants of CSAT forces now call themselves the Dragnov Brigade and have secured the strategic coastal city of Chernogorsk which is currently being fortified.


Civilians in the area have fled expecting the last push from NATO to come any time soon, this means we are in a great position to assault the city, the Enemy have focused there defences east where our forces have been building up for the final assault. Colonel Dragnov has consolidated his forces in the city and sent large patrols to the east and small patrols the north due to lack of man power.


Intelligence suggests that Dragnov is situated in the International Hotel in the centre of the city if he is eliminated or captured it is believed that all resistance will dissipate within days.


Carpe Noctem Tactical Operations will end this war early and launch a surprise attack from the west of the city. CNTO will Halo over designated area and regroup at the assault position, once here CNTO will move to the International Hotel and either Kill or Capture Colonel Karl Dragnov. Then extract using enemy boats making there way safely to the NATO Harbour of Elektozavodsk.


1 x USAF C130 will fly at High altitude and drop multiples of 10 after first dropping path finder unit to mark LZ.


Safely Land at LZ.
Kill or Capture Colonel Karl DRAGNOV.
Safely Extract to Elektozavodsk harbour.

Extra Info:

Mission parameters may change CNTO must be adaptable to succeed and extract via other means if necessary. Additional equipment NVG’s Gen4, Weapon Laser and Silencers.

Map of AO:

Alternate Insertion: The alternate insertion will be via 2 x Chinooks helo-casting to the South of AO to board waiting fast boats for insertion to the position seen on map.


Hell yea! Looks extremely enticing. Looking forward!

Hey guys I have created a doodle poll with 3 dates to choose from so we can play through this mission.

Link here please choose all the dates you can make and the one with the most attendance will be put on the event calendar.

Thanks to anyone who played tonight as this has highlighted some basic errors which I will correct for the event but it took a nice chunk of time to complete and I think with a proper pre briefing it will be an extremely fun mission.

P.S. Sorry for my poor performance as MCC I am still very new to it and can only hope to get better as I don’t think I can get much worse, so cheers for your patience tonight. Thanks to Xander who has been patient and taught me a lot.

Blub blub blub. :wink:

I hope you guys were able to play the mission eventhough the repos were updated. I’m currently working very hard on the latest v12 template to make people spawn with RHS rifles instead of Robert Hammer. There will be a lot of other changes included from the April NCO meeting.

Thanks Dachi for independently testing your mission on a Saturday.

Hey guys, not many people attending the event so far so if you want to please respond on the following link


There on the same dates as the FTL training. So wont be able to attend.

Ah, so it is. I will have to be a maybe, in case I attend any FTL trainings.


I will put it on hold for now and set up another time, maybe next month.

I love para drops, because of chaos and confusion… Looking forward to trying it out another time.

Hello all,

I will be starting at a new unit next month but I really don’t want this mission to die so I have started a new doodle for late next month so please let me know if your available and want to attend :thumb:

Also been learning a lot about MCC and Zeus on YouTube as turned onto by Clarke so hopefully will be a good one.

All the best,

[justify]New unit? You’re leaving our feathery community? :cry:

I’ve filled out the doodle, let me know when you’re satisfied with the numbers of replies via PM on the website. I’ll add the date most requested to the event calendar so people who might not follow the forums as closely get another chance of seeing the mini-op coming up.[/justify]

By new unit, did you mean a real life variant, or did you mean one such as CNTO?

No no no not leaving CNTO I mean real life unit so I’m busy moving and such!

Cheers Clarke will do.

There we go. Confusion solved!

Event is on doodle sign up if you want to come more the better :thumb:

[justify]After a quick PM exchange with Dachi I’ve announced this operation on the events calendar on 18th of June so it won’t collide with the NCO meeting on the 25th.[/justify]

Hey Guys the Mini Op is up please sign up if your free the more the merrier.

Unfortunately I will be working :frowning: