Laptop able to play Arma 3 suggestions?

Hello all,

I have been looking at getting rid of my Alienware M15x for a while now but it is just dying constantly now so kinda forced to upgrade sooner.

I have been looking at the Aorus X3 Plus and the MSI GS70. But there are so many choices does anyone in the community have suggestions or have any good laptops, just need it to run Arma 3 nicely, would prefer Nvidia. Price my limit £1500.

Thanks in advance.

[s]No specific models from me, but pick something with a powerful CPU rather than GPU - the biggest performance boost in Arma3 I got was from overclocking the CPU, not from a new graphic card. Both are important, but - contrary to other games - Arma is CPU-bound.
If you have a choice, go for i5 (not i7) as Arma cannot even use the 4 cores efficiently (or fully) and having to split the cache in half to accommodate for 8 logical cores would only decrease performance (if you can afford it cash-wise, you can go i7 + disable HT in BIOS for the extra 2M of L3 cache).
(Stupid me forgot that mobile intel CPUs have HT for i5 as well.)

And - of course - a good laptop chassis with decent heatsinks, a cooling pad and you should be set. :wink:
If you get brave enough, you can disassemble the laptop and put some better thermal paste on the CPU and GPU (I did that multiple times with Thinkpad laptops and peak temperatures were ~20C lower!).

Regarding the referenced laptops - they seem to use somewhat older CPUs (haswell, 2 generations old), but I’m not sure if broadwell/skylake is a big step-up, especially in the mobile segment. Same for DDR revisions - Skylake uses DDR4 instead of DDR3, but that’s more about the upgrading path (higher XMP profiles) at this moment rather than immediate speed benefit.

I know I didn’t help much, sorry about that. :frowning: :smiley:

PS: 13" vs 17" display is a BIG difference in laptop size - that should be the primary deciding force - whether you want a small and light laptop or can go for a "mobile workstation"

PPS: I would personally go for 17" workstation with FullHD or 2K display (mobile graphics are barely enough for that, let alone 4K), a decent Skylake CPU with 8-16GB DDR4 RAM (Arma3 is still IIRC 32bit, so it won’t use more than 2GB), a decent GPU with 2-4GB GDDR5 memory, … I’d take a few picks (MSI, Acer, Asus, …) and I’d look up google to see if any of the models tend to have hardware issues (like Acer used to produce incredibly crap laptops during ~2008).

PPPS: Oh, and I wouldn’t spend much more than GBP 1200 on it - high end laptops "age" very quickly.

PPPPS: To give you a specific answer without me going into full research mode during the weekend (I tend to do that when excited over HW), … why not a new 17" alienware laptop? It has i7-6700HQ (basic Skylake), GTX 970M 3GB GDDR5, decent 2133MHz 8GB DDR4 RAM, fullhd IPS (!) panel, crappy rotational HDD (oh well), … not bad overall I’d say, for £1350 with VAT & shipping. … Or for GBP50 more, a MSI laptop with the same specs +8GB RAM and an extra SSD. Or maybe something with the overclockable i7-6820HK that dips below GBP1500 due to not having 8GB graphic card.[/s]

Oh man, I’ve done it again. Just pick one. You’ll be happy.

Cheers for the reply Freghar, found this and thought it was a good deal

Your text to link here…

You still got 1 pence left mate!!

The one you linked should do just fine, I was able to play Arma 3 decently on a way older Dell XPS 15 with an I7 and a gtx 650M so that one should perform well.

[quote user_id=“12591864” avatar=“” name=“Dachi”]Cheers for the reply Freghar, found this and thought it was a good deal

Your text to link here…[/quote]
I would personally go for the MSI laptop I linked - it’s GBP100 cheaper and the only difference is 3GB vs 6GB graphic card memory (which Arma doesn’t really make use of, for 1920x1080, even with supersampling, I’d argue).

[justify]So far I’ve always had rather negative experiences with gaming laptops. Their body due to lack of proper air circulation tends to overheat quite a bit (thus decreasing performance of individual components over time more than desk top solutions), upgrading individual parts can be a hassle and properly cleaning it is difficult or sometimes impossible.

I usually go for a medium priced (500 - 900 bucks), light-weight lap top for work and studies - while saving up money for a decent desk top build at home to play games.[/justify]

I decided to tryout laptop gaming, so I spent alot of money to get a good laptop computer. About 3100eur
Now this did give me a good gaming laptop, Arma 3 runs smoothly on FPS 60-80 with most setting on ultra. However already with new games my pc cant run the best graphics. Games like Rainbow six siege I have to turn down the graphics. But if i use the same amount of money on a stationary PC, then it would have no problem running rainbow six and arma 3 on top graphics. So stuff in general cost more with a laptop. However I do not regret getting a laptop. Because in my line of work I move alot.

Jesus Christ, guys, where do you get that kind of money? I’m here on a $800 desktop bought in 2011 and consider myself to be mid-high end. :smiley:

[justify]Switzerland, baby.

Yeah, everything here is quite a bit more expensive (for example we have the highest Big Mac Index in the world, by far), but we also get higher wages per capita than most other European countries - which due to the very high living costs ends up equalising our savings to our German and Scandinavian neighbours again. So basically whenever I mention a figure related to money shave off at least 100 to 200 bucks on account of the "Swiss factor". :thumb: [/justify]

I have bought it finally after months of debating which one to get yay I can now play even when I am away :thumb:

Here is what I went for:


Well, I play on this:

40-60 fps in arma, drops to ~20-30 when theres too much stuff going on.

Can’t afford a PC since I’m constantly on the move, but hey, it works :wink:

Friend of mine had ROG laptop, worked rly good. Although I feel you still pay plenty just for branding (as with all "gamer" products).

Yeah I was very close to buying a laptop from HP non gaming for the price but I found the ROG for a mega price from a UK Electronics website and from reviews had heard the ROG 752 was a solid laptop with great performance.