I was hoping when joined this community to play on some HC KOTH server later sometimes. So I want ask if is anybody interasted in playing King of the hill together like team on one side ?

Lets say 27.8. Sunday at 18:45 we could join CNTO teamspeak (??? is it Ok ?) and organize to join one public server like KOTH HC EU 3 infantry only for example (i would like to stick to infantry and HC only servers), and go in team with lowest number of players (not to get kicked to other team later, like most ppl join the OPFOR. We should stick to blue or greens). And create group just for us on our side.

I think if we are at least 3-4 and more, it could be fun to play. (and there is revive always possible if does not all team die).

I would suggest higher CNTO ranks leads and (longer duty if same rank) but we can always talk too who wants and it should stay fun.

Is anybody in ? :slight_smile:

I play with Sallal and Hessel sometimes KOTH. I’m not sure if i can make it sunday’s.
Anyway i would love to play/chat with people on teamspeak, is more fun. And i get a change to know you all :wink:
So when you see me online on TS, don’t be shy hopp in and ask, i would love to play a game of KOTH, mission or just having fun on the server!

Yeah sounds good.
I’ll give it a try, though I often had shitty FPS on KOTH servers in the past.

The FPS ranges from 60+ on a fresh restart and infantry-only server to 15 FPS on a vehicle server with explosions everywhere.

Never played KOTH but if I get a chance I will play some with you guys.

It’s too chaotic for me. I’d rather you guys seat down together and think of multiplayer game mode which we could run on our server.

Well the obvious choice for out server would be the Conquer and Annex or whatever then name is. With some proper coordination it comes closest to what we do on our missions, but with randomers.


I would this time stick to the KOTH, and if we will not like it, next time we can try other things, like the invade and anex. But Lets do the KOTH once, after we will know more from feedback everybody can write here, later after action.

I had played few times with some unknown teams - I did simply stick to them and communicate and it was greate game. Whoever is in KOTH organized has huge adventage opposite others - lonely players, becouse if you die - teammember can revive you if it is possible. (so, they would have to kill all team to survive. Snipers can be dangerous us they can make revive "very chellanging".)

Just some things about KOTH if it is not known:
What is difficult is that bullet can come from a lot of directions even into back us the players can hide and shoot smart, without revealing own possition. (so proper cover all the time is vital) Attacks on landing helis or attack running reinforcements into AO (OPFOR love do that)
The most dangerous guys in this game are ussualy sniping campers in towers and houses with 20 ppl killstreaks and 6-8 calmly cooperating players as they can clean everything + the heli landing ambushes guys (on some villages it is very easy). Next would be own pilots us they are not able to land under pressure or they do not know where to land at all and teamkill you :slight_smile: (which is annoying the same like trolls)
Yeah, and listen fallen granades - I always také cover when I hear that - as a lot of novices killed me there unintentionally just like that.

It is possible to organize some plans and to stick to them:

  • find a place in enemy teritorry a destroy they reinforcements when they are landing by HE RPGs and MGs
  • you can play like sabouteur teams to be on enemy territory and stay well hidden and destroy enemy reinforcements one by one, when they are running blind (i call it full retard mode :)) to the Area of Operation from helis
  • you can také and hold enemy or your own towers, secure them or snipe
  • you can attack occupied towers
  • with bigger team about 8 ppl you can clear sectors from enemies (and your dead you simply revive in 10-20 seconds - medic is very usefull perk in KOTH after the Silencer perk - which is need to for surviving)
  • and so… :slight_smile:

I did very like the BIS HC official server which they did close from reason "we do not want rival with other servers".
I had there on ultra settings 26-35 fps when flying heli with 3000m view distance. When you do not need fly 1000m is enough and could give it more like 35 fps. (30 is enough for infantery. i do reccomend to use the Picture 1 settings PostProcess too, for no blurring screen, it s very usefull)

I think we should not focus on points but try to stick together all the time and land either with helikoptér together or if we will do paradroping, we should have point on map where to fly on and regroup there, if teammates will need respawn or we will do paradrop.
The regrouping thing we should really organize well not to stay alone. (i can say i never saw that any team in KOTH paradroped at the same place before). We can use the Esc-Respawn to regroup - it could be good option if most of team is at FOB. We should probably not reinforce AO one by one us it is difficult to get together in city. (i ussualy find player name on map and try paradrop on the name if I want join somebody)
Location and so, we can plan at spot only us we do not know what location on Altis we will play and different location quite a mean different tactic.

Other idea is find server where will be not so much players - which make KOTH less "chaotic" and less shooting. (problém is there is not so many infantery HC servers)

18:45 this server time:
Current Local Time in Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland (time the same like carpenoctem.co)

Hello, so we had the KOTH action yesterday just in two. I can say for myself it was fun, hope to Zjoshua had fun too. I would like to try it again next Sunday 3.9. in the same time 18:45-18:55 at the teamspeak.
The KOTH is more challanging than the ussual cooperative servers, as it s very easy to get score 1:10-15 against AI in the basic Arma3 but not in PvP.
Hope too see more ppl next Sunday for KOTH or COOP :slight_smile:
(and if anybody has some action and wants more teammates for teamplay i would like join, so PM or something in forward)

I would like to get a Wasteland game going. We play it sometimes with a few people so I know people like it. KOTH has been a while but I only played the pvp version of it. I might join for the next one to try it out !

In Teamspeak you can create a game channel in the lobby and then write details of the server you are on in the channel description. Then people know whats up and join without hassle.

Yeah, I was trying to find out how to make the new channel in the TS but did not know it is possible in the lobby only and I gave it up. So this way it is, lobby :slight_smile: Thank you Teddy .)