Keep calm...

My precious little baby Eve is 20 1/2 weeks now and I’m very happy she’s healthy during her growth.

Congrats mate Hope all is well with all three of you :thumb:

Omg the new recruit is born!!

All kiddin aside I’m very happy for you and your little family and I’m looking forward to hearing more :slight_smile:

Congrats mate :smiley:

Thanks guys!

[quote name=“Anders”]Omg the new recruit is born!![/quote] I was actually going to fill an application form for her but Abuk would immediately reject her due to age restrictions :LOL:

Congrats! I expect another loa in the coming months!

Congrats mate!

:LOL: Yea most likely. Only in October though, don’t worry. Plenty of ops and interviewing duties until then :smiley:

Iisha, please don’t hesitate to request a Reservist status/LoA if things get tough. Your child is the most important person in this equation, but we would definitely like to know rather than experience that you don’t have enough time.
That said…

Future recruit, pending 11th of January, 2036.


[user avatar=“” name=“Kaleo”]137813[/user] HAHA xD That was a good one.

Absolutely, I’ll make sure to mark an absent status beforehand by the time. I should be up for games by Monday though. Bring it on!

Mazal tov, daddy :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote user_id=“13068557” avatar=“” name=“Iisha”]Thanks guys!

Well… we do exceptions, if the application is convincing enough :wink:
All the best for you and your family Iisha :slight_smile:

There’s nothing a voice changer and a slight change in the date of birth can’t fix…

Pro tip: Now that a certain member cough Robi cough has probably seen this post as well, you might want to stay out of Hungary for a while…

Congratulations Iisha!

Dunno what one is supposed to say in this situations. I’m sure you’ll be a great father from what little serious talk I’ve had opportunity to have with you. All the best health to your little girl!

Is she playing ArmA yet ?

Woo! Parenthood, nothing like it.

Congratz man!

Congrats Iisha! I hope you’ve been getting the minimum required amount of sleep these last weeks :wink:

Congrats mate!