Jets - Sensor overhaul

Apparently in the dev branch right now they are testing new sensor systems that will mainly change how aircraft lock on to stuff and get locked. Any plane wranglers should check it out. Whatever they decide will come with the Jets DLC. Almost definitely the game changes will come with a free update for all and the paid part will be some planes. Lets hope for two seaters!

There’s more to it: Jets - Hitpoints - ARMA 3 - DEVELOPMENT BRANCH - Bohemia Interactive Forums :slight_smile:

No love for the custom UI? I’m hyped about being abe to have e.g UAV feeds or tank gunner’s PoV on the HUD. I feel like the UI chamges are gonna have much more of an effect on us than jet specific stuff

You can already do that with UAVs, it’s been in the game since ~1.52, there’s a keybind for it hidden somewhere in the settings.