Iron Front LITE mod testing for Arma 3 this Tuesday?

nuff said. (details to follow)

Working tuesday evening

Been reading documentation for manual install and it seems to refer to missing @ folders and not include them in any of the downloads I could find. I ended up installing it through playwithsix and choosing the IFA3 LITE + AIA SA version (lite with allinarma). It seems to work well but I have no idea what load order it is using. At the moment I am trying to add mcc and acre. Freggy has started his own repository for the mod so you can just subscribe to it on arma sync (you can always download it manually though, and just use arma synch to sort it and the loadorder


With lite and AllInArmaTerrainPack (the one from our repo) you are supposed to have mod params like this:
"-mod=@CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1_lite;@IF_Other_Addons_lite;@IF_lite;@AllInArmaTerrainPack ;@IFA3M_lite;@IFA3"

The order can be defined in Arma3Sync under the tab Addon Options , lower half: Addon priorities.

[quote user_id=“12674862” avatar=“” name=“Hellfire”]Teddy,

With lite and AllInArmaTerrainPack (the one from our repo) you are supposed to have mod params like this:
"-mod=@CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1_lite;@IF_Other_Addons_lite;@IF_lite;@AllInArmaTerrainPack ;@IFA3M_lite;@IFA3"

The order can be defined in Arma3Sync under the tab Addon Options , lower half: Addon priorities.[/quote]

Thanks mate. I had all that information it’s just the manual install file I found didn’t have an @IF_lite folder. I have managed to get the correct one through PW6 so it all looks good now.

Is this going down tuesday? I ask because I wanted to try my hand at Miniop-running either Tuesday or Thursday.

FYI: My server can be used as long as either @IFA3SA_lite or @IFA3SA_lite;@allinarmaterrainpack is used, only AiA doesn’t seem to work (for the server anyway).

However we still need somebody to create the mission, either as a file or on-the-fly (though one needs to be somewhat familiar with the models and weapons). We could theoretically use one of the coop missions, but those take place on the (crappy-looking) IF lite maps. :slight_smile:


sorry I am @work, but if someone could checkout this mission from the workshop. may be it’s usable out of the box (I know I am an optimist).

Steam Workshop IFA3 on Altis mission

I’m considering just using a training map, spawning an arseal box so people can experiment with the gear, and setting up a quick mission on the fly

The mission posted above (it is not an addon you have to put the .pbo into the MPmissions folder) let’s you only play the Germans. Although from a pure militaristic point of view, their gear is great, I would prefer to start with allied units.

The next mission I picked up creates tasks all around Altis. In the camp a Virtual Ammobox which let’s us pick all the stuff we want and try it out. Vehicles already available on the template.

@Freghar (13633351) : Would you host the mission ?

Advanced Operations 1944

We could play around with the gear as proposed by Price and when we feel ready we would just go for the proposed objectives and see how we manage as a unit with the WWII gear :slight_smile: .

Advantage: you respawn in WWII context and you can save your loadouts in the Virtual Ammobox.

I see this like a brainstorming where nobody has to understand the details and we can just go crazy. After that, we’ll have a better idea of what seems to be super buggy and what is totally usable. I would say even mission makers better play with the gear once before starting to spawn it in a mini-op.

May be just enable MCC and acre2, so we have the direct communication and still the possibility to spawn in some stuff.

PS: And if we want to play a fully anachronistic mission, yeah why not, it’s probably super fun, but I thought the idea was to push WWII operations forward primarily.

[quote user_id=“12674862” avatar=“” name=“Hellfire”]@Freghar (13633351) : Would you host the mission ?

Advanced Operations 1944[/quote]
Should be available on the server. I just copied the one .pbo right to the mpmissions dir.

Make sure to read Iron Front (lite) mod - server & arma3sync repo first.

Hopefully when the next version comes out recoil will be re-implemented. Oh yeah and if Iron front goes on sale we can all use high res textures in future

Time of hosting will be normal op time. This ok for everyone? Be there or be triangle

Just to confirm, this is today yeah?

Yep. Tuesday

I may be a bit late (~15min), but the server should be up & running and at least Hellfire knows the admin password. Can somebody please check that the Advanced Operations 1944 mission is working? (See link above for details on how to check.)
If the server kicks you back to the mission selection screen, just try loading the map again and it should work. I have updated the first post in to reflect the current mod set used by the server.

I have just found the server in a completely crashed state (process not running), if that’s a result of somebody trying to load that mission, then we might have a problem. I’ll add a simple restarting loop so you can choose a different one without my presence if the server crashes - a good indication is server disconnecting you.

edit: Could somebody please create a primitive mission in editor, adding ~15 play-able soldiers and linking the Zeus module to each, so that multiple people could spawn & test stuff? Using zeus in editor :: Arma 3 General Discussions

Hi, it is consistently crashing, I could get into the mcc template mission on Stratis though. But we will have to improvise I guess. It seems it’s crashing after trying to click once in the lobby, even after waiting for the UI to be available again.

ok I am going to post a dropbox link to an empty WWII template with zeus and mcc in 5 minutes

Can you stick acre2 radio into the repository for everyone? Gonna need it!