Introducing... myself :)

Hello everyone! I’m glad that i got accepted into this community so i can finally play some arma with "decent" people ;).

About myself: I’m 19, live in belgium and am a total fanboy of guns and fixed wing aircraft. I adore gaming when I have nice teammates to play in a team with, and well, if not… I do my best to make it enjoyable for everyone.

Currently am with the thoughts of joining the army here, either airforce or special forces or something like that. And so, I’m training my ass off to get at least a bit "buff" before I try to apply to any of the army branches.

Further on, it’s an honour to join you guys as a "rare" exception, as the normal age is 21 and above to join.

People tend to call me "van" because they have difficulties with my last name which is "van Gastel" and especially with my first name… So yeah, call "van" if you need me :slight_smile:


W. van Gastel

Welcome aboard!

Welcome Van! I’m looking forward to meeting you soon and playing some ops with ya! :wink:

Hey Van,
I will have to step in here and correct few facts.
You just filled an application, that does not mean you’ve got accepted into community as recruit.
Everyone is able to post in general section of our forums.

Its nice that you introduced yourself, and I welcome you on our forums. Unfortunately you will have to wait for a final review of your application and if it is convincing enough there will be a short talk during which we will decide if you qualify for any sort of exception.

Im glad you’re excited, but please do not assume anything on your own and read the information that is provided to you.

Well, mistakes were made it seems. Sorry about that.

Good intro anyway :slight_smile:

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